Growing up in the Detroit music underground scene I recall “knowing” to remember that it would be some of the most preciously precarious moments of my life that would lead and be a part of something BIG, something magical, something bigger than myself and others reading this now. — universal to say the least.

DJ Bad Boy Bill – the vibe, the tone, the pace he set for himself, the heights for us ALL to dance our hearts out and to BE great. He is truly DJ BAD BOY BILL!

When I was just 17, Bad Boy Bill was playing at this epic special show in Chicago and I knew I just HAD to go. I grabbed my teenage Greek BFF at the time, Christina Helena, everybody called her Tina back then, I said “we are going on a road trip” and she stood right by me with NO question at all. This is when I heard and had to befriend DJ Bad Boy Bill – The world’s leading legendary House DJ from Chicago.

Gratefully BBB was very cool and we stayed in touch. DJ Bad Boy Bill held a special place in my heart as, during those times, I knew there was some special connection with me, music, and my journey as an artist, as a DJ. I did not know what it was but I knew it was something very special. I went on my journey, traveling the world writing poetry, meeting people, exploring culture, working as an actor, a model, being a social butterfly, getting lost in the world, and having a deep love for music.

In 2016 I decided to take a DJ music course in LA. It was a one year program, where I learned the ins and outs of what it meant to be a DJ, what kind of DJ I was to become, how to brand, the ability to explore, research different ways to create the music, and have it all be a smooth fit so I would be in the heart center of the creation and fun. Discovering a voice and place that was of the highest self, my greatest good, and of the overall greater good.

WOW, with all that being said during the beginning of the pandemic, I pivoted and put together the collection of beats that I created as a female producer, DJ. There were 22; the first one I released on 10-20-2020 with numbers in mind for that specific date as I am a numbers girl – my birthday is 11:11 (make a wish )

In addition, I wrote an article here on Thrive Global so you can read it here and listen to the Hypnotic Energy EP with 639 Hz healing frequencies that were encoded by Subtle Energy. – 639 Hz – fosters forgiveness, peace, and love with yourself and in the relationships with others as well as stimulates the higher heart chakra. 639 Hz re-connects and rebalances your relationships.

KYRIAKI CHONACAS shot by Stephen Lovekin

June 02, 2021, on my Mother’s birthday, I decided to release my second solo EP titled “Full House 396 Hz” How apropos as I was visiting Detroit, MI in my childhood home releasing a project titled “Full House” As a function, as a way of being and speaking shifting through my emotional vessel, for this collaboration with Subtle Energy with the scientist, Eric Thompson, I chose 396 Hz Healing Frequencies. 396 Hz – turning grief into joy, liberating guilt and fear. 396 Hz is grounding and peaceful. Wonderful for meditation. However, when used at high amplitude for an extended period of time, it can eventually become quite stimulating.

I felt after a lot of “forgiving” with 639 Hz, allowing and “sitting” in the forgiveness intentions, I then shifted to “removing guilt and removing fear”

I felt a lot of “guilt” and other peoples’ “fears” since I was a child. I am an empath, an HSP ( Highly Sensitive Person). I took it, allowed it, I felt frustrated that I could not speak up and share, I was so confused, I didn’t know sometimes what I could share and what was inappropriate to share. – I felt so much I guess maybe more than others?

I felt and saw other peoples’ judgment. Anyhow the point is, it was time to focus deeply on feeling better, happier, taking focus and control of my life, not based on what others wanted or needed from me or the “perceived egos” notion of what was was “supposed” to be perceived of me.

I hope you love and enjoy “Full House” it’s made for you! Listen while working out, cleaning the house, dancing, to clear your mind and your heart, and anyway you feel fits.

Oh, here are the music videos I had made for the EP! Nicky Scorpio edited the visuals.

Nicky Scorpio also mixed & mastered the audio for the EP “Full House” Thanks Nicky!!

Listen to Nicky Scorpio’s new solo single “Irregular” on his website and streaming everywhere of course~

KYRIAKI Chonacas xo


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