Originally from France and a natural seer, Rene Mey gives host, Nathalie Virem an inside look on the power of healing others. Since Rene learned of his abilities to heal, he hasn’t stopped helping others. During our time together, we also touch on the topic of how he trains people to heal others and how one can live a healthier life.

Nathalie Virem: What led you to be a healer in life?

Rene Mey: Being a healer was never my plan. When I arrived in Mexico, I left everything in France and I went to live in an indigenous town for two years. And when I arrived there, I arrived as a seer, not as a healer. During this time, when I took the hands of the indigenous people from the town, they would tell me things like this: “I feel pain here, can you touch me” “Yes, of course”, some would say “My wife has cancer, can you touch her?”, I don’t know if they felt something. The rumor that I was a healer started spreading to other towns, people claimed they were healing, they felt better, that the person who could not walk now could, and stories were passed from one village to another. Finally, I had no option but to leave clairvoyance and be a healer, and so the real path began.

Image courtesy of Nathalie Virem

Nathalie Virem: How do you train people to heal?

Rene Mey: Today I have more than 25,000 international volunteers and among them more than 260 trainers who travel and go from one county to another. Trainers undergo extensive training. They volunteer for thousands of acts and they pass three certification levels until they become master instructors. On January 1st, 2019, the instructors who began their journey with me in 2007 and 2008, will visit towns and it will be their turn to heal people through love. The love we share works and this is the best way that we can transmit the message and heal.

Nathalie Virem: What tips can you share with the ready to stay healthy or if they are sick, to heal themselves?

Rene Mey: At the international level, apart from healing, I also do conferences about ‘’how to prevent disease’’. My first tip is to have a strong immune system in permanence. Vitamin C can strengthen your immune system. Then, eating at the same time every day. Also, removing red meat from your diet and eating a little of everything. Having vitamins and minerals not found in treated drinking water. With a strong immune system, we have a better chance of being healthy, and a healthier lifestyle means fewer illnesses.

Image courtesy of Rene Mey

Nathalie Virem: You have a meditation workshop here in Buena Park, California this weekend. What will attendees learn during this workshop?

Rene Mey: During my meditation workshops, I explain how matter works. The chemistry and biochemistry, and how we can in a way scientifically understand matter. For that reason, I try to explain the subatomic part of particles and then explain the scientifically precise mechanics, of how particles react and work to an emotion, a feeling. The workshop that I am going to do tomorrow will explain this scientific part. Attendees will be able to clearly understand healing, see testimonies, and understand how we can remove anything with an act of love. The particle reacts to that feeling of love and compassion, not of unconditional love, but compassion. Attendees will be able to understand the definitions of compassion versus unconditional love. The actual definition of compassion is to share, is to understand the other. This precise feeling of compassion can touch the subatomic part that exists in the proton and neutron of atoms, a difference in charge and that can touch and transform matter. My healing experience with hundreds and thousands of people allows me today to teach how to do that, how it works, why it works. In the workshop, I explain how the healing process works, and I explain it in a scientific way. After that, we meditate and learn to use our brain in a way we are not aware of.

Nathalie Virem: What are your future projects?

Rene Mae: I have many projects. I never planned to become a healer, I did not want people to think that I am a healer. This road led me to be a healer. We plan to train thousands of volunteers at an international level, have more clinics and hospitals, with doctors and alternative therapy. The goal of these new clinics and hospitals is to give more patients, during a period of time, the opportunity to improve their health without medication or surgery when possible. At our clinics and hospitals, we use more plants and the result of this alternative medicine is that 90% of the time, to date, medicines or surgery are not needed for patients.

Rene advocates healthy lifestyles and is on a mission to heal the world. He believes that the greatest gift you can give someone is compassion. He believes compassion can heal. He believes in the power of helping those in need through LOVE so we can have a positive and lasting impact on peoples’ lives.


René Mey is the founder of the Rene Mey Foundation. He is a traveling humanist, who provides seminars and workshops regarding spirituality and meditation. he has also founded hospitals for those in poverty to seek treatment for serious diseases. The film HIM, Mas allá de la luz was based on his life and spiritual efforts. The movie was filmed and produced in Mexico. Mey lives and works in Mexico, where his organization runs community centers and workshops. He also holds public lectures, which have been presented in stadiums with up to ten thousand people. In addition, Mey founded the Day of Good Action movement.

René advocates transitioning to healthy lifestyles and pacifism and believes that “love” can cure otherwise untreated diseases. He claims that pollution and stress are causing a higher level of disease in modern society than prior eras through a form of cellular degeneration and that meditation and emotional awareness can help with this.