Our interviewee was Rana Aghamuradova, a dancer and singer known to everyone as Renka Black Angel, who soon made a name for herself in the forefront of her profession.

Interesting ideas emerged during our conversation with Rena.

“Everyone has already seen my body …”

– Let’s start with your name. You are known as Renka Black Angel, although your name Rana. Doesn’t that bother you?

To be honest, all my friends call me “Renka Black Angel”. Almost everyone calls me like this since my childhood. That’s why I’m used to it.

– How many years have you been dancing?

It’s been 8 years. I was dancing from the beginning. Now I am happy to do what I love.

– What will you do if you are not successful in this field for years?

Let’s see how God wants it. I am ambitious. I believe I will say my word.

– What have you gained in your profession for 8 years?

I was a completely a different person. My life was completely different. I came to this point. I hope I will slowly get used to this life.

– Who gave you the first support when you started this profession?

There were many supporters. I always felt that there were lots of people with me.

– You are also engaged in various fields. In addition to dancing, you also work as an actress and singer. What do you think, who of them is the real Rena?

Of course, the dancer. As for the others, if I have the ability, if it works well, why not?

– How do you maintain your young appearance?

I am eating healthy. It is also genetic in our family.

– Recently, we come across very revealing photos of you

That’s right. But I must say that I have reduced it a little lately (laughs).

– In general, why do you prefer salacious photos?

You know, my body structure allows me to take open pictures. There are people whose pictures look rough and are not taken normally. But I am different. In general, why should I hide my body. I’m a dancer, everyone has already seen my body. Therefore, I think that there should be no diffidence for such photos.

– The first offer comes to you when there are salacious scenes. What is the reason for this?

I never bother directors. I’m not late for the shooting, I do what they say, I have no diffidence. It is convenient to work with me.

– Why do people know you as a beautiful person?

This is an image. Many people criticize me, but when these people see me in real life, their attitude towards me change completely.

– What was the reason for you to lose your family life?

It just didn’t work; we broke up as friends.

– Reason?

I’m tired, to be honest, we’re tired of each other. But now we are better friends. Our current relation is completely different.

– Don’t you think about remarriage?

Never with another person. No one else can be a father to my children.

“Aren’t you thinking of coming together again?”

May be. This is life. Anything can happen.

– In general, did you receive love and marriage proposals after divorce?

Yes. But I don’t have time (laughs). You know, I’m a very strong woman. Therefore, I must have a strong person with me.

– What if your son interferes with your profession in the future?

Many ask me, ‘What will you say to your son when he grows up?’ The main thing is that I do not live with immorality. True, there are people around me who know me differently. But in fact, I am not like that. I just work and earn money. Dancing is not an easy task. Those who are engaged in this work are well aware of this.

– What profession would you choose, if you were not in this profession?

Not many people know, but my real profession is a hairdresser. When I was in Moscow, I worked as a hairdresser for a while. Then, due to allergies, I had to stay away from this profession. I think I will lead a beauty salon if I stay away from dancing.

Link snake show – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyVpLznl2OQ