Do you dream of renovating part or all of your home? Not sure which step to start? We are offering you a somewhat special post today, which will give you some ideas for renovating your sweet-home and ceiling tiles, from decorating ideas to materials and estimating the work budget.


We are not all born handymen. Between the lack of time and experience, work is very often a source of stress for individuals.  If this is your case, we will give you the advice of a professional for your layout, decorating ideas and a reliable estimate of the budget and time necessary for the realization of your work. Hey yes, we are not all experts in insulation, tiling and plumbing!

To embark on the formidable adventure of the work, several solutions are available to you:

Call on an experienced craftsman who will guide you in your choices. He will know how to analyze the technical constraints, but it will be more difficult to help you with the aesthetic aspect.

Get in touch with an interior designer who will offer you a layout and site monitoring.

our work support, which allows you to find inspiration, to be put in touch with qualified craftsmen in your region, to obtain an estimate of the cost of the work and to take advantage of the experience of an architect and a works manager.


1st step to carry out your work without stress: find the right decoration idea

Before contacting a craftsman and getting started in purchasing materials, you must first go through the aesthetic stage: what style do you want for your interior? In what form is it available? It is not always easy to project yourself into a space or find the right decoration idea! Fortunately, there are specialized sites. Which offer different atmospheres depending on the keywords typed. Maison St Gobain had the good idea to list the main decorative styles by room, which gives a broad overview of the materials used, but also of the color palettes and comfort solutions existing on the market.

Second step to carry out your work without stress: check that your project is feasible

Bingo, I found the kitchen of my dreams! I now need to check that it can be done at home and that it fits my budget, which is quite tight. This is rather good because this kitchen project is a refresh: we keep the existing furniture, simply repainted, and we optimize the space by adding a clever dining area, by changing certain elements (splash back, worktop …) and by replacing the household appliance and the water heater for energy savings.

3rd step for stress-free work: carrying out the work

It is now a question of finding skilled craftsmen and professionals to carry out my work. Depending on needs, the La Maison Saint-Gobain site offers craftsmen divided by regions, architects to make the project a reality, but also works managers who are there to supervise the entire project. Like wedding planners, they take care of the project from A to Z and allow you to enjoy the finished works without having to set foot on the site! 0 stress and 100% serenity!