In recent years, a few house vacation rentals platforms have emerged be they rural houses, chalets, villas or any stay. These platforms are called OTAs. Before giving you the reasons why it is better to rent the rural house directly to the owner, we tell you what the OTA’s are.

What are OTAs?

Its acronym in English stands for “Online Travel Agencies”, which is used primarily for the sale of hotel services on a single website. They offer their users a large number of hotels and apartments so they can choose the one that interests them the most in terms of value for money and the one that best suits their needs.

Some OTAs charge a commission for each reservation made by the user; the commissions in some cases vary and charge both the user and the establishment.

For rental of establishments the best known are Booking, Airbnb and Home Away.



The platform does not charge the user directly. Charge a commission of 15% of the total reservation to the property; you have the possibility of increasing visibility by charging up to 20% of the reservation.


This website charges the establishment between 3-5%, whichis automatically subtracted from the total reservation each time a reservation becomes effective. At the same time, those guests who reserve a property through Airbnb will also have to make a 5-15% payment for service fees, in addition to their total reservation.

Home Away

In the payment method per booking, Home Away does the same thing as Airbnb : it charges a commission from the host and a commission from the guest. The establishment will charge 3-5% and the user will be charged between 9-12%

After a bit of introduction to OTAs, we are going to give you 5 reasons to rent directly:

Most competitive price

We are not going to fool ourselves; the most important is the final rental price. If you contact the owner directly, you can have a cheaper rural house. Possibly, you save the commissions of these OTAs or you can make an offer, also provide you with a detail for your reservation.

If you do it through Airbnb, Home Away or booking you will not have this possible discount, they will also require payments in advance when the owner can ask you for a reservation signal and pay the rest on the day of entry.

Establishment customization

When you contact the owner of the establishment directly, you can call or contact by whatsapp, you will be closer than the web that does not allow you to ask questions if it is not for their system (they want you to pay for their website for the commission).

By listening to the voice or seeing the WhatsApp of the owner you will have the feeling of closeness that all owners of rural houses want to have with their guests.

Know better where you are going

This point is extremely important even though it may not seem like it. In Airbnb, Booking or Home Away you can read the standard explanations of the rural houses, you can get an idea but you will never know as much where you are going as if the owner informs you directly, he will tell you how to get to the house without getting lost, such as the rooms , if you accept guests or pets. It can tell you where to go to buy the best local products or where to enjoy your time. Therefore, it is important to contact the owner directly.

In Uberrealestate we will talk to you about everything you need about

If you have special needs

If you have any special needs, not just a person with mobility problems. However, how can it be that you have a party and need to decorate, if you need more firewood or charcoal than the rural house provides. If you can enter or leave at another time that is not the standard. All this in the OTAs is written, it is something that seems immovable and for example you will not know well what the rooms are if the owner does not explain it to you well, the ideal is by phone.

At Uber real estate we know that each group is different and has different needs, contact us and we will adapt the rural house for you and your group, you are going to spend some great days!

Intrusion of illegal houses

This is one of the tips for full rental that many people do not take into account before but after their stay, especially if there are problems during the stay.

Just because a home is listed on AirBnb or Homeawaydoes not necessarily mean it is legal. As much as it may seem, these portals still accept houses without a license. Nor are only the photos to be trusted: some rural houses had a better photographer than a decorator.

A rural house must have a Legal Registration number. That is, it has to be registered and legalized before Tourism. Unfortunately there are thousands of illegal or illegal ones, in which the price is possibly cheaper (or not), but the quality of the service is not guaranteed. In a legal rural house, you will always find more services and problem solving.

If you want to go to an illegal one, think that you are contributing to the money in b and many other things, you will also have more security, better service and the right to claims in a registered one.

At UBER we have been Owned and Registered since November 26, 2009, always with a Registration Number 5052252 and we are proud to say that we have been working in the sector for more than 12 years. We also offer 24-hour service, if you come to our rural house we will not leave you alone with any problem.


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