Men are complaining that dogs are taking their position as their women best friends. The growing trend has made men view dogs as competitors. But I don’t see any reason why a man should be worried if he is doing everything right for that precious woman. There are countless reasons why dogs are women’s best friend and we shall discuss major ones in this article.

I’m a proud owner of a Golf Retriever dog that I consider as my best friend and first born kids. Whenever I have a bad day, the dog offers me a shoulder to lean on and cry myself out. If you’re a woman and you often feel stressed, you can consider adopting a dog and you it will offer you a good company in bad and good moments. You will have fun cutting the nails of your dog using a dog nail clippers and the overall grooming.

The biggest reason why dogs are considered women’s biggest friend is that it offers unconditional love without expecting or asking nothing for return. It asks you no question or scolds you for not thinking or acting in a particular way. A dog will love you unconditionally and their love is unending. If you come home late, it won’t ask you where you were and who you were with.

The second reason is that the dog will give you companionship. The moment you have a dog by your side, you’ll never experience loneliness. A dog offers you company whether you’re on your couch resting or you want to go hiking. When your man gives you an excuse for not spending time with you, the dog will be happy to give you company and do whatever you want it to do.

The dog is no-judgmental and it will never question your actions. Women think that they’re being judged even if they’re asked a genuine question. The reason why dogs are lady’s best friend is that they’re non-judgmental. The dog doesn’t care about the amount of money you make or where you live. It won’t question you about what you’re wearing or whether you have a kid or not. A dog will offer you comfort when you really need it as it won’t ask you any questions.

Dogs are fun and they’ll thrill your heart and heighten your moods. The reason why I adore your dogs so much is that they’re so much fun. Dogs will accompany you for a walk or just act silly with you. They can dance with you and play chase balls and this is fun. Thus, a dog will offer you the required fun without costing you an arm-and-a-leg.

Most of the dogs are brilliant and you they’ll have greatest instincts that can benefit you. There was a time I was in labor and my dog immediately sensed that I was in pain. It came near me and tried to comfort me before the taxi guy arrived to take me home. The dog licked me and tried to do everything possible to comfort me in any way she could.

There are many other reasons that would define dogs as women’s best friend. However, this article has explored 5 major reasons that define a dog as women’s best friend. If you don’t have a dog, you’re probably missing on a great companionship. If you get a brilliant and healthy dog, the better for you.