I was captivated by a book on resilience by former Navy Seal, Eric Geitens. Throughout the whole book, I felt many threads of spirituality and it all spoke truth to me. Who would’ve known, a former Navy Seal Officer, could have inspired me to dive deeper into the value of resilience. So, have you cultivated your value of resilience, especially when facing a challenge?  Your response would reveal the strength of your character. 

Bringing into action our virtues, values, and the ability to remain resilience at times when needed the most is very important. When we integrate our inner and outer world by using our core strengths, we will be an instrument for positive enlightenment. 

Here are a few simple steps to enhance resilience: 

1) Keep checking your thoughts. Are they purposeful or wasteful. 

2) Remain honest with your motives, if not with others, certainly with your self.

3) Try to stay away from negative people and observe what you feel when they are around you. 

4) Face what you are most afraid of. 

5) Find a method that generally works best to cope with challenges. 

6) Meditate 

7) Listen to uplifting music


By empowering your deepest virtues, values, and resilience from your inner world, you will overcome your most challenging circumstances.

Remember to meditate, former Navy Seal Eric Greitens was able to think deeply and find peace and resilience despite his greatest challenges while on or off the field of action. Introspection, reflecting, meditating, will allow the soul to experience the true nature and resilience of the self. This time was made for us to be resilient, powerful, clear, and calm. 



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