Covid-19 coronavirus, no toilet paper, quarantine, social distancing, I’m scared, I’m stressed, I’m worried, I’m not going to make it! Doubt and worry =fear which is energy impressed and creates suppressed depression and equals disease. Ignorance is the problem. Knowledge is the understanding. Focus on the things you can change and not the things you can’t. You can choose fear or enlightenment and it’s just as easy to choose one or the other.

I used to worry about the future wasting my present and fretting about the past that I could never change. I realized I only have now and I can choose to enjoy it or waste it. All we have is now and it’s what we do with it that makes all the difference. By perseverating on the problem is like watching a cut constantly bleeding and hope it stops before you die, you notice and isn’t slowing and you worry about how many minutes you have left to live. You worry about how your family will survive without you, who will show up at the funeral and what they will say about you. Now this ridiculous situation can be halted with action of deep pressure “action step” and seek medical attention. Victor Frankl in mans search for meaning stated while man can be stripped of all dignity and tortured physically he still has power over his conscience mind. What you think about you become so think of something positive.

Instead of stating I am scared, stressed, worried, instead say I feel scared and then define why are you scared. Where does the emotion come from and what action steps can you make towards solving your goals. I had lost a job 8 years ago and a fiancé and a big part of my social interactions. I isolated myself, didn’t answer the phone , stopped opening bills and sank into a hole of despair. I was paralyzed and regurgitated fear and worry and my will for living was fading. Then I walked outside. I took in nature and stopped isolating. I opened my mail and started replying to phone calls. I searched for work and found new jobs. I took action and that gave me resilience to cope with life again.

We will survive this virus and become stronger by doing so. Take steps to address your fears, actions to move forward and think from the inside out and not outside in.

Wake up see your goals. Write 10 things you are grateful for. Exercise and eat right and make action steps to move forward.