I am a physician,  a psychiatrist . I have studied medicine. For some years I was thinking why I put myself through the torture of studying so much. I had to sacrifice so much. Well now I can say it was worth it, because of the resilience it has given me.

How has it helped me have more resilience and hope? I have studied how the human body is made and works.  Human body is so sophisticated. Consider our nervous system. There is the brain and spinal cord and all the nerves that go to all the limbs and organs. Or our amazing cardiovascular system. Imagine the heart with all the veins and arteries and capillaries. They don’t miss a part. All the parts in the body receive blood  and nutrients they need.  Or our bones and skin. And… They are all made out of one teeny tiny cell. A teeny cell that we cannot see with eyes and we have to see under a microscope. That small cell has alormation  it takes to make an amazing sophisticated human body. This gives me hope. Because I think of many amazing things that are possible.

My hope is even more recently, as I am going through a neurological condition most likely MS.  It has caused me many limitations. Balance and walking is hard for me.I have fallen a lot. And all this difficulty is made by two small lesions in  my cerebellum and corticospinal tract.. 

Although I have more limitations,  at the same time, I’m now much more mindful of all the amazing neurologic events that are  going on in my body. When I see something with my eyes,  when I hear birds chirping, when I move my arm,or  when I breathe,   I think of all the nerves and pathways involved, and there are many .  I have much more respect for all that happens in my body. I am in awe. I have so much more hope now. Because I know how much detail is in my nervous system. I know how the body was made.  My creator is so detail oriented and thoughtful. God doesn’t create just for the sake of creating. Everything is carefully thought of.I am excited for what else is possible.

If a small cell can become a baby and then that baby can become a lady who can see, hear dance, and study, then anything is possible. In the midst of hard situations beauty can rise.