Are you feeling scattered, stressed, burnt out, or drained? I get it—I used to chronically feel that way, too—until a mentor advised me to ‘teach from what the well spills, not from the well itself’. Perhaps because I was in the middle of revising a business plan, my mind immediately translated the quote into a profit-versus-loss model. I wondered: what if we all made more life decisions based on an energetic cashflow?

Stress Management and Your Energy Portfolio

In professional trainings and presentations, the extent of the discussion around stress management is usually just that: we talk about it. We remind ourselves that we should do more of it. And then we move on.

The truth is, stress management is BORING and everyone already knows how to do it: you know you should practice more “self-care”. You know you should take more time for your health. When it comes to improving your resilience, you have an excellent sense of the healthy things that are more effective than food, sex, shopping, social media, television, or red wine.

Still, you lean on those things. And, you are well aware that when you lean on these things, your internal batteries continue to drain….and so does your energetic bank account.

Resilience and the Energetic Profit Model

If you were to think of your personal energy through the same profit-building lens as business, you would would pay a lot more attention to your losses. Consistent deficit is very bad, so you would make changes, and quickly:

·         Hire expert advice

·         Reduce expenses

·         Streamline your systems

·         Start earning a profit

Use Creativity to Pinch Pennies and Fill Your Energetic Bank Account

You have the possibility of claiming your energy and your health back by approaching wellness in exactly the same way. Think of what you need to do to start making a physical, emotional and/or spiritual profit.

Be creative! Here are some questions to consider as you start your energetic savings plan:

·         Do you need professional nutrition, fitness, wellness or mental health advice?

·         What can you cut from your schedule to allow you more time and focus?

·         What things can you do to substitute the battery-draining behaviors?

·         In what ways can you improve your time management?

Chronic energetic deficit results in severe implications to your health, business and personal relationships. Don’t go bankrupt, give yourself permission to take action!

Choose Resilience, Not Recession

When you earn an energetic profit, the payoffs include more time for yourself and your family. You will feel emotionally and physically better. You’ll sleep better. Energetic profit will improve your business and your performance; you feel more focused and creative. NOW is the perfect time to consider how to stop living a deficit lifestyle: choose resilience, not recession!

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