15 Days to flatten the curve morphed into a form of New World Order.  This is not political posturing, rather a look at the human side of the effects of the pandemic, riots, mandates, and political chaos.  In the age of rampant disinformation, misinformation, and fake news we struggle together to agree on what is true.  We have access to more information in our smart phones than ever before.  This information overload may be part of the problem.  Like the United States diminishing what it manufactures, and becoming a predominantly consumer society, humans are now consuming content at record rates rather than creating and innovating. 

The shift has already occurred and now that people are emerging from lock downs resembling scared animals sensitive to light, crawling out from a dark hole.  The real question is… now what?  Let’s assess the current status and mental state that requires a new level of resilience.  Here are three things you can do to build your evolutionary resilience.  

“What truly matters to me, however, is evolutionary resilience. Your goal is not to bounce back to how you were before, but to evolve into the next iteration of yourself, toward your higher self and your God given potential. Even conventional resilience after facing adversity and tragedy is logically flawed because we emerge fundamentally changed from these experiences.” The Balance Between Hustle & Flow

Curate your own life by being the creator, designer and artist that uses your unlimited imagination and courage to design your own path.  These three journals will help guide you through the most important facets of life.  Create, write, imagine, and document what is in your heart and mind. This daily practice will restore balance and ignite unlimited potential.   

Gratitude Journal

Take a breath and evaluate- When your brain is in a theta brainwave state upon awakening and before sleep, it is the best time to breath, meditate and imagine the life you want to live. Contemplate what is stopping you.  Give yourself the gift of being grateful for 5 things a day no matter how small or large. 

Family Journal

Rely on family & community connections– We have all redefined the way we interact and spend time together.  It is crucial to surround yourself with people that support your path forward.  Take some time to plan out relationship building and consider it often.  Relationships are the single most impactful thing affecting your life.

Big Ideas Journal

Set new goals and boundaries- There are multiple reasons for The Great Resignation.  If you haven’t heard about it, it is a phenomenon of millions of people leaving the workforce and quitting their jobs.  We need new approaches to our jobs, careers and goals that align with our integrity. We need new boundaries that help define the quality of our lives and lead to deeper meaning.  

You are not alone in building your evolutionary resilience.  If you are suffering and need support, there are many options for psychological support, substance abuse support and career and financial counseling.  The bottom line is to make yourself a priority and get help.  You deserve it.  Out of great adversity and challenges can emerge a new level of living and being.  Be kind to yourself on the road to your extraordinary life.