You’re invited to Resiliency 2021—the largest resiliency webinar on the planet. And guess what? You get to come for free, and you don’t even have to leave your home. The last two years have been a challenge for all of us with many people worldwide stretched to the max. Resiliency 2021’s mission is to promote strategies for building resilience skills and personal empowerment for mind, body, and soul. Together with global participation, the virtual conference hopes to create a world in which we no longer just survive but one in which we can all bounce back and thrive.

Resiliency has been declared the word for 2021. “There is a single word that sums up 2020 and does encapsulate, in a deeper sense, the shared experience of billions of people this year and that word is resilience,” said Arianna Huffington, founder and CEO of Thrive Global and one of this year’s speakers. “The Oxford Dictionary defines it as ‘the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. The ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.’ It’s that quality that allows us to overcome challenges, obstacles, hardship, and adversity, instead of being defeated by them. The reason resilience is my word of the year is because, unlike quarantine and coronavirus and social distancing, resilience is the only one that’s going to be just as relevant when the pandemic is over. Resilience is the quality that was summoned in us by all the challenges of 2020. And it’s also the quality that’s going to carry us forward into 2021.”

Arianna Huffington, founder and CEO of Thrive Global and Resiliency 2021 speaker

Now a worldwide conference is dedicating itself to a gathering of healing for everyone, and the international Resiliency 2021 team is making it a gift to anyone on the globe. Last year’s event, known as Resiliency 2020, was a miracle of love as 38 celebrities came together to donate their time, talent, inspiration and wisdom to over 5000 participants around the world. The participants represented 69 countries, 6 of the 7 continents and all 50 states. The reviews of Resiliency 2020 were stellar with comments such as these:

  • “Gratitude abounds! Thank you for this gift, and may you all be well.”
  • “What a great diversity of speakers, topics, very concrete, practical techniques to implement, and inspirational.”
  • “I loved each and every speaker and all the positivity that radiates from everyone.”
  • “I was truly inspired and renewed with all the combined wisdom and strategies presented today.”

The virtual conference will be on full display this September 9th from noon to 4:00 p.m EST. This year’s slate of speakers includes people from all walks of life: singer/songwriters, actors, poets, dancers, government workers, front line workers, and business people. I spoke with the CEO and co-host of Resiliency 2021, Dr. Joy Miller who said, “This year we have a greater international focus with GLOBAL INFLUENCERS who will speak about resiliency projects around the globe. Our team of influencers will represent Ireland, Rwanda, the Ukraine, Australia, Austria, and Israel. Together, we will raise monies for the charity #FirstRespondersFirst to assist front line workers with desperately needed mental health needs. Our goal is to raise $20,000 in donations with all proceeds going to assist those who care for our world.”

Dr. Joy Miller, founder and co-host of Resiliency 2021

This year’s lineup includes over 35 presenters with diverse talents and expertise: Dan Harris, ABC News anchor; Dr. Edith Eger, author, clinician and Holocaust survivor; Arianna Huffington, CEO of Thrive Global, Dr. Jack Kornfield, meditation guru, Omar Wilson, R & B recording artist; Dr. Jericho Brown, Pulitzer Prize winning poet; Erin Brockovich, consumer advocate and TV producer; Alanis Morissette, singer/songwriter & Broadway producer; Ray LaHood, past Secretary of Transportation; Laura Robinson, actor and inventor; Dr. Ian Smith, host of the Emmy winning TV show, The Doctors; Julianne Hough, two-time champ of DWTS and actress; Drs. Helen Hunt and Harville Hendrix, Imago Therapy clinicians and authors; Dr. Lori Russell-Chapin, author and clinician; Dominique Hammons, R & B contemporary and classical violinist; Elaine Miller-Karas, trauma resiliency expert and author; Dr. Jill Carnahan, integrative physician; Rockelle Lerner, author and addiction lecturer; Dr Matthew Alexander, singer/songwriter and clinician; Dr Shelley Plumb, production expert, physician, and author; Cynthia Moreno Tuohy, NAADAC Executive Director and author; Monica Parker, comedian/actress and author; Michele Sullivan, humanitarian and author; Michael Aiduss & Joe Gandarillas, acclaimed interior designers; Dr. Patricia Love, motivational speaker, author, and clinician, Rahul Kulkarni, musician and mindfulness coach; Alex Harris, singer and actor; Dr. Naomi Baum and Michael Dickson of Isralie Resilience; Korayem Razik, life balance expert and resilience coach in Austria; Dr. Joy Miller, clincian, author, and CEO and co-host of Resiliency 2021; and Dr. Bryan Robinson, author, journalist, clinician, and co-host of Resiliency 2021.

Sign up now and reserve your spot at Resiliency 2021. Registration takes just a few minutes, and available slots are going fast, so don’t wait. If you’re a clinician, you can get 4 continuing education credits at no charge plus a certificate for professional training and licensure.


  • Bryan Robinson, Ph.D.

    Journalist, psychotherapist, and Author of 40 books.

    Bryan Robinson, Ph.D.

    Bryan Robinson, Ph.D. is a professor emeritus at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, psychotherapist in private practice, and award-winning author of two novels and 40 nonfiction books that have been translated into 15 languages. His latest books are CHAINED TO THE DESK IN A HYBRID WORLD: A GUIDE TO WORK-LIFE BALANCE (New York University Press, 2023)#CHILL: TURN OFF YOUR JOB AND TURN ON YOUR LIFE (William Morrow, 2019), DAILY WRITING RESILIENCE: 365 MEDITATIONS & INSPIRATIONS FOR WRITERS (Llewellyn Worldwide, 2018). He is a regular contributor to, Psychology Today, and Thrive Global. He has appeared on 20/20, Good Morning America, The CBS Early Show, ABC's World News Tonight, NPR’s Marketplace, NBC Nightly News and he hosted the PBS documentary "Overdoing It: How To Slow Down And Take Care Of Yourself." website: