Allow your dreams to become a reality…⠀

As a little girl, growing up in Washington Heights, N.Y., my VISION was clear, but getting there wasn’t easy…⠀

At 16, I was abandoned and forced to go into survival mode. Imagine a junior in H.S. working TWO part-time jobs afterschool just to make ends meet. While all my friends were either taking part in after-school activities or a team, I was becoming an “adult”.

At 18, I went on welfare, because my minimum wage job wasn’t enough to pay bills, put clothes on my back & food on the table. School became my fourth priority.

At 19, I was denied most financial aid awards because I wasn’t a US Citizen, but I wasn’t about to give up on my dreams of becoming a college grad; Instead, I took out student loans to get through college. 

At 21, I was homeless and by the grace of God ended up at my hairdresser’s apt. An apt, she shared with her four kids & a relative. If it wasn’t for her love, generosity and care, I don’t know what would’ve happened to me.

Despite my trials & tribulations, I still graduated from HS on time. I became a US citizen. I graduated from Baruch College with a BBA in Advertising & Marketing Communication and years later a Master’s in Public Relations & Corporate Communication from NYU.

What I learned along the way was to never stop believing in myself, my dreams and staying focused on the BIGGER PICTURE. I wasn’t going to allow my circumstances of poverty, immigration, or fears stop me.

Oh and part of my vision was walking a RED CARPET, and thankfully, through my work experience I was able to live out that dream and more. 

Proof that dreams do come true, if you BELIEVE in YOURSELF!


  • Martha Ramos

    CEO. Lifestyle Entrepreneur. WOC Life & Business Coach.

    Martha Ramos is a former Advertising executive now a Life Coach + Business Mentor, taking a stand for women of color everywhere to be Chief Empowered Officer (CEO) of her life & business. She believes every woman deserves to be CEO using her God-given gifts to earn money doing what she loves because her dreams matter too. Her mission is to empower more women of color to step up, be CEOs and dare to create the lifestyle they want with more impact, income and freedom. Martha combines her purpose + passion for personal development and business acumen to help more women escape the corporate hustle to cultivate, elevate & own a thriving life+biz, on their terms.