December 2020 is fast approaching (tomorrow is the first of the month, time flies, and this year I balanced between two countries – Madagascar & Bangladesh – not listening to a fortune teller in Malacca, Malaysia, at the beginning of the year – it was around February 2020 – to: A. Change whom I love in my heart ( I did not, still hopelessly in love with the same), B. avoid hospitals (I am working in the world’s largest refugee camps just about now, in health facilities and friendly spaces for women survivors of gender-based violence – therefore I regularly go to hospitals to visit the patients and pregnant mothers), and C. I might wait to go back to to Asia for work purposes in 2021 (here I am, since July 2020, in Asia, my Dream of an Asian Life).

With this little anecdote, I am recounting my story, smiling back in time, looking behind and embracing my dreams ahead, with new friends, colleagues, family ties stronger, new horizons ahead and much creativity and people willing to do good in the world.

If I may wish for something in 2021, is to be open, solid in my heart and stronger in my words, to keep praying & to pass inspiring messages – creating new ways of delivering a noble task and represent the high values of the human spirit: a world of peace, no conflicts, empathy and compassion. It is hard everyday I know, but I guess one must look on the long – term of actions).

I learned to be calm (still working on it), flexible and not to get too mad about things – my dad had a heart- attack once- I may be potentially subjected to it if I do not look after my health properly. The solution I give to my head is the following: A. everything is temporary, B. people come and go (id est: they get mad, they disappear, they come back, you ask yourself why, and still, you smile at the happenings). I am learning to be brave in the life process, dream higher and bigger (music helps, check out the Best Music compilation of 2020 by the New Yorker – which I happily retweeted ) – based on competencies and what you think you can do – do not let be down by small path accidents (internet down, water not running, people not picking phones, late meetings…part of life & based on management and planning…everything ok, there is room for improvement – as my dad used to say: if you already know the end of a movie, what’s the point of watching it? – meaning: you need to observe, live the whole thing, and then, you will know how the final goes .

Thanking the higher force of the Universe (the energetical power of love, dreams, good people and smiles) and – of course I am a big Lord believer – I thank all the saints and who gave me the happiness in the heart to like working, love languages and mesmerized by the idea of traveling the world and meeting people). I hope to continue living, to see, how the movie continues 🙂

For now, I wish everyone keeps dreaming higher inside their spirits, never losing sight of what makes one’s heart beats (in my case, it is philosophizing about life, learning something new, and WRITING!) Everything else will happen, I am sure of it! It is about the focus of the mind, where it is and where it wants to go!

Some more music for your souls:

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smiling at the December monthly calendar by Action for Happiness, here to share