The present crisis has automatically put you in a position when you are physically safe and secured, but feeling psychologically insecured, unsafe. To acknowledge this insecurity, this unsafety, not to run away from this insecurity (by glossy explanations) is the key.

We can not know – what the System of the Universe does – death, devastation, untold misery beyond all calculations.

Our intellect is limited by complaining, blaming, feeling guilty, by hopes for the future, by scientific, economic explanations.

Are we merely pawns in the hands of nature or the System of the universe?

Can we stop being satisfied by any explanations, any postponement of the issue?

Can we see that explanations simply give relief to the mind and bury the question?

Can we hold ourselves in a no answer position, not as our inability but by seeing it as a fact?

We are face to face with ‘what is’. There is no escape to any comforting explanation.

You begin to see ‘what is True’.

On facing an unpalatable situation (as the present crisis) – negative thoughts, depressive thoughts, doomsday prediction thoughts do come to the mind. We begin to seek relief from the uneasiness, these thoughts generate. Can you just see them as they are? Negativity begins to dissolve. You land on the magical ground.

But when there is immediate physical danger?

When you are in immediate physical danger, there is no time to talk, discuss, think – your whole energy is concentrated in saving yourself from danger. You come in action mode immediately.

Thinking, ‘why and how’ arises only when you are not in immediate danger, but want to end the uneasiness, apprehension of danger is creating within you.

We want to suppress our fears; we seek relief by the details of the incidents, by the awareness messages about what is happening.

We instinctively shy away from our fears and want to remain relieved, pleased.

Can you see that all fears are psychological discomforts?

You can not run away from this discomfort.
All attempts to run away from this discomfort perpetuate the discomfort, solidifies the discomforting situation.
Once you see this, whole energy is here.

What can one do in the present crisis?

Any action (however small it may be) adds to the solution.

The point to understand is the pain, uneasiness, confusion-you are experiencing and not the hope, solace that things will become alright in future. One escapes ‘action’ by this diversion of hope. In any situation, one has to act and see ‘what happens’.

Why not hope?
Hope is in built in your action, harping about it dissipates the energy.