It is the space between the notes that makes beautiful music, otherwise the consecutive beats are just ‘noise’, as my percussion teacher instructs.

Growing, living and becoming have become synonymous with taking action, even when that action is to release the old, invite the new and create your bold new future.

Sometimes, the most important action is to simply rest. Do nothing!

If you want to do nothing, permit yourself do nothing today. If you’re exhausted, rest.

‘Leader’ and ‘Giver’ archetypes are naturally mentally and emotionally agile and relentless, which will be the majority here on LinkedIn. They can always benefit by giving themselves permission to rest!

Feel the fullness of the void, the vastness of the silence, the sheer magnificence of your life in the emptiness, and your own capacity to breathe in the unproductive moments.

When time is not always packed with fillers, the real inspirations and desires emerge -much like the blade of grass that surprises everyone by shooting through the crack of concrete!