Rest in peace.

It’s a heartfelt sentiment that we wish for our loved ones who’ve passed on.

I see the departed as being free from the dysfunction of the ego and from the weight of the body. I trust they’re embraced by unconditional Love. So, I suspect our loved ones who’ve moved on have an easier time being at peace than we do here.

Is there peace for you and me?

The ones left behind. We should rest in peace too. By that I mean, if you have recurring unsettled thoughts about the people you’ve lost, reconcile them so you too can rest in peace.

Forgive them. Forgive yourself.In the spiritual sense, transgressions are as far removed as the east is from the west. Trust that you don’t know or understand the complete picture. Forgive and forgive again until the negative attachment fades.

Forgive those who’ve hurt you in the past — not because they’ve apologized, but because you want peace in your life.Patrícia S. Williams

If you’ve struggled to forgive, you’ll appreciate this piece: Forgiveness Isn’t a Feeling

Know your spiritual connection is never broken. You miss the person’s presence in the physical world, but Love is eternal. The spiritual connection between you and those who are no longer in the physical form can never be diminished.

If every copy on Earth of the Wizard of Oz was destroyed, you’d forever have the concept of Dorothy. Likewise, you forever have the bond between you and those you miss.

Talk to them. Get quiet and still. Have the conversation from your heart and not your head. Placing your hands on your chest as you do this will help you take your focus down to your heart.

Your ego speaks from your head. Your spirit speaks from your heart. The one you’re speaking with is in the spiritual plane, so as best you can, take your ego out of it. Let go and listen to what your spirit has to say.

Eternal peace is for all.

You don’t have to wait to pass to the next stratum to experience spiritual peace. It’s there for you now. You tap into it as you release your attachments to the material world.

You too can rest in peace.

You deserve genuine and lifelong happiness, the type of happiness that can’t be taken away from you no matter what sort of craziness is happening in the world. Read my book, Happy Ever After. We can all use that right now.


  • Dr. Christine Bradstreet

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