Have you ever been yanked away from your exciting plans without warning? That happened to me last fall as I was in the middle of launching a new online course, “Finding Your Calm™.” Five weeks after falling and being told by the ER that my foot sustained only a sprain and to simply stay off it and on crutches for a while, I began to suspect that the healing wasn’t normal. A visit to a podiatrist then revealed greater injury — a fractured and indeed dislocated foot. He immediately called for an emergency surgery that landed on the same day as my online course was due to start. 

I had to make a choice. Do I continue with my business plan, or do I put my health first? As the timing wasn’t conducive to postponing the starting date of the course, I made the conscious choice to surrender, let go of any plans, and focus on my healing, even though that seemed to not support my financial well-being. 

Now, close to three months after the surgery, I’m looking back and pondering what the real purpose was behind this experience. So I asked the Universe, and here is her answer: “You had to stop, girl. You have been refusing to look at an age-old, unconscious belief in you that has festered in your shadow, hampering your intention of restoring your wholeness. Your ego wanted the crust scrubbed out of the pipes, to be able to have better access to your TRUE Power as it flows through.” 

The Universe continued, “You have always known how to give, nurture, and care for the well-being of others. As a daughter, granddaughter, wife, mother, grandmother, friend, and business leader, this has come naturally to you. But in your process, you have created an imbalance in the principle of giving and receiving — something prevalent among women nurturers in this patriarchal society. You needed to experience the other side of the coin — receiving. You needed a situation in which you had no other choice than to open yourself up to accepting help from others. You had to crack open your heart to allow yourself to receive and release the pain of not feeling worthy of it (even if you weren’t specifically aware of that). You had to learn to trust the abundant flow of Source, which always has your back.” 

The last few months have not been business as usual, of course. There have been limitations that I thankfully adjusted to while practicing patience. There have been heart-throbbing experiences as family and friends stepped in to support me, and brilliant medical professionals managed my healing process. There has been brimming of gratitude when pushed around airports in a wheelchair and kindly helped by total strangers. There has been open space opening up to attract and attend to new relationships and opportunities. And going through this experience has given me the perfect opportunity to practice presence as I inch closer to wholeness. That’s Power — TRUE Power.