Three useful pointers to bring you through whatever, whichever, wherever paths you take always remember these vital survival mantras. In the creative industries, the business communities, and the enterprising… always base your values and decisions on these useful tips:

“There’s never problems, only solutions”

Val Slomka, interior designer

Always remember to seek answers to the issue that’s sticking, relax so that creative thinking is liberated to resolve the issue, You’ve got it!

“When you get dealt lemons, make lemonade”

Joan Collins

So life throws something sour and bitter….. add some sparkle and sweetness and you soon see things differently, allow good things by making room for them and inviting good things.

“There’s real magic in enthusiasm it spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment”

Norman Vincent Peale

Enthusiasm will be vital in studies, interviews, work.. you cannot make yourself work where you don’t like everyone and everything, but you can keep your enthusiasm and focus to propel yourself into happier and happier times, work and experiences.

So just to review these three things:

Problems Solutions

Lemons Lemonade

Enthusiasm mediocrity

Be clear on what you want, life is yours for the making so go out there being bold and clear!