Business ownership can feel like it takes a heavy toll, costing us time, energy, and money. 

It can leave us frustrated and drained. 

If that’s you, it’s not only time to change your business, but your mind. 

I learned the hard way that if I let my business take up all my time and energy, it would. 

My business became my personal adversary. 

Running my company while feeling resentful caused collateral damage.

Depleted energy, unhealthy habits, damaged relationships, lost years. 

I felt disconnected from my business and wanted to rediscover my passion for it. 

I learned two things:

First, our thoughts and feelings define our relationship with our business. 

If we complain and feel trapped, the relationship will be unhealthy. 

We can make a conscious decision to think differently about our business.

We don’t have to wait until it’s perfect to love it.

We can look for all the ways it’s working for us already and build from there. 

Second, we can treat our business like an investment. 

Turn it into an asset other people would want to buy. 

Transform it into a business that can scale and run without taking up all our time. 

When we make these changes, we won’t feel the need to escape.

Instead, we rediscover our love for your business and enjoy the process of growing it.