2020 has redefined a lot of things and priorities for most if not all of us and has helped us gain a new appreciation for family and friends and the little big things like the myriad of video platforms used to connect virtually.

We’ve been pulled and put through the ringer so to speak. It’s been the year of expect the unexpected; however, through it all there’s lots to be grateful and thankful for.

As I take a deeper look and reflect on things that I’m grateful for, I see my resilient patients who struggled with addiction pre-pandemic, but have managed to abstain and struggle to stay on track to recovery as true heroes. These are people I’m truly grateful for as it makes my life’s commitment to their treatment and recovery worth it.

They have taught me resilience and their persistence to stay and keep well makes me so glad even in the most challenging of times.

I’m also thankful for my friends and family. Although we’ve lost so many from cancer to COVID-19, but through it all we stay focused and remain grateful for life as that gives hope for a better tomorrow.