Last July, I took a month-long retreat. This retreat didn’t involve traveling to some beautiful location and it didn’t cost me a dime. All I did was shift my definition of a retreat. That mindset shift allowed me to have a month-long retreat within my daily life. I took a break from planning, blogging, producing, marketing. Instead, I took a look back at the previous year, mulled over what was most important to me now, and used that knowledge to update my priorities for the coming year. Now, as I look back on the past year, I can see how that month-long mindset shift allowed me to have a year that was highly productive in a way that was energizing, engaging, and fun.   

I’m going on retreat again. I find July to be a good time for reflection of the year ahead. In January, I am too drained from all the end-of-year festivities. In September, my head is spinning with all the new schedules and activities. July is that in-between month where I seem to have more mental breathing room. If this month has that feeling for you, join me on a mindset retreat. Simply ponder these three questions: 

What is my intention for this month-long retreat? Trust your gut to choose one word that captures it. (You may want to have a reminder of this word where you see it often to keep your mindset on your intention)

What do I not want to spend time thinking about this month so I have more mental space?

How can I capture what I learn (e.g., written journal, images, electronic journal)?

That’s it. Now set your mind in this direction with openness and curiosity. Let your thoughts about the past year and the year ahead be seen through the lens of this intention. Notice the present moment with your retreat mindset. Capture anything that you notice in some way to help your mind use it in the year ahead. 

I hope you enjoy your retreat as much as I intend to enjoy mine. Have a great July retreat!