They participated in our Inner Development Program and open themselves up to us about their experience as social entrepreneurs as well as their personal journey with wellbeing. 

Nancy Mortifee, Dean of the Inner Development Program, discusses the shift in culture of the social change sector, with Xander Ferreira, Storytelling Lead of The Wellbeing Project. Nancy is a passionate educator, author and community builder who recognizes The Wellbeing Project as an exciting evolution in the culture of social entrepreneurship, supporting the intrinsic link between inner-wellness and positive social impact. Nancy shares her Mindfulness and Intimacy training in private practice and in retreat settings. She co-authored the book “Mind Power for Children – a Guide for Parents and Teachers” translated into six languages. 

Hi Nancy, thank you so much for taking the time to share your insights around these inspiring human stories.

OK, here we go!

Who are these individuals that are sharing their stories through VOICES?

Each “voice” is a seasoned social change leader who has participated in the Inner Development Program of The Wellbeing Project. In fact, they are “‘graduates” of either the first, second or third cohort.

What is the Inner Development Program?

The Inner Development Program, or IDP, is an 18 month fully experiential program of self-discovery. It is a journey designed to bring a deeper sense of inner wellbeing to our participants and invoke in them a desire to prioritize personal wellness in their lives.  Together we explore what personal wellbeing is and examine how wellbeing can be enhanced through inner exploration, practices and processes from a variety of diverse inner work modalities. Although not therapy, per se, the exercises and activities in large groups, small groups and individual sessions have been seen to have significant therapeutic value to the participants.

Please share with us what the purpose of the Inner Development Project within The Wellbeing project is?

The Inner Development Program is the vehicle through which we can examine and evaluate the consequences of personal inner work on the lives of seasoned social change leaders. Our vision is to shift the culture of the social change sector away from self sacrifice, disconnection and personal depletion to one where personal wellbeing is considered critical to the way our leaders live their lives and work in the world.

What do you believe is the value in these VOICES?

A picture is worth a 1000 words. There is nothing quite like hearing the testimonials of participants who have experienced the challenges and joys of personal exploration and the affect it has on their lives in the world and those around them. We are deeply grateful for the candid and honest sharing that each of our VOICES contributes to the story of The Wellbeing Project.

Is there one specific learning from the project that you would like to share with our audience?

I see over and over again that our communities are kinder, less judgmental and more compassion places to live, when each of us takes personal responsibility for who and how we are in the world. The sense of true belonging that is created when people gather together to share the challenges and triumphs of personal exploration is unlike any other work I have witnessed or done anywhere else.