If you are not familiar with my work. I am a habit strategist. Something I love to do is make content practical. I take my favorite podcasts, books, speeches, articles, etc and I provide the habit I have implemented into my life post consumption.

This week we will be focusing on one of my favorite speeches, Matthew McConaughey’s University of Houston Commencement Speech.

In the speech, Matthew McConaughey says, instead of creating outcomes that take from us, create outcomes that pay us back. Delayed gratification. 

What he mentions is something I call ROD (5:10). 

Based on the above you can implement a few different habits:

  1. Scheduling your personal & professional life on your calendar a day ahead of time
  2. Practicing for a presentation 10 days before you have to give it 
  3. Doing one thing that is uncomfortable today, that you know will pay you back in the future 
    1. I.E – brushing your teeth with the opposite hand (training your brain in a different way), turning off your phone during work, working out for 10 extra minutes 

Please let me know what habit you implement.

Excited to hear about your progress,