The challenges and pressures of 2020 have created an environment for conflict like no other year in recent history.  Families are struggling, businesses are failing, substance abuse is on the rise.  This means that, likely or not, many are currently searching for lawyers for divorces, business dissolution, assistance for their family member struggling with substance abuse or mental health disorders, etc.  Hear this message loud and clear:  the legal system should be the place of last resort for you if you are interested at all in protecting your family, finances, faith, freedom and your sanity.  The legal system is a weapon of mass destruction and will destroy all you hold dear for generations.  If you are interested in being tortured, tormented and abused for years, this article is not for you.  However, if you need help resolving a conflict and if you are wise, you will seek other ways to address your problems and conflicts and avoid the legal system if at all possible.

Here are several myths to demonstrate and reveal the destructive and abusive nature of the legal system.  Although we want to believe that the legal system exists to protect us and promote our rights, we need to be aware that the current legal system has been monetized and weaponized. Justice, as we understand it, is a thing of the past. It is proven that most who enter the legal system now exit with the a diagnosable post traumatic stress disorder.

Revealing Myths of the Legal System

  1. Justice is available to everyone.  MYTH. No one ever leaves a court room happy. EVER.  The number one misconception about the justice system is that you can actually obtain justice in your situation.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The truth is that no matter how long you spend in a court room, you will never be able to adequately present every fact and detail of your situation that is important to you to your judge or jury.  You will feel defeated and disillusioned after your day in court if you cling to the belief that “once I present my case in court everything will be alright.”
  2. Your judge cares about you or your situation.  MYTH. Another top misconception is that a judge will care about your situation.  Most judges have become more concerned about closing your case to reduce their case count.  Placing your life and future in the hands of an individual who mostly does not care about you and most likely will not be listening when you finally get your chance to talk, is one of the most dangerous decisions you will ever make.  There are times when you have no choice but to defend yourself against unfounded and malicious accusations and behaviors of others, but if you have ANY control over whether your life becomes entangled in the legal system, you should do everything you can to avoid the land of torment and torture.
  3. Truth is an essential element of the legal system.  MYTH. The next myth to examine is that truth matters in the legal system.  TRUTH DOES NOT MATTER.  Most lawyers will do what is necessary to get a “win” for a client and that means hide documents, deny accusations and turn a blind eye when their clients lie to opposing counsel or in court.  You should not count on the shield of truth to protect you from the injuries that the legal system intends to inflict upon you and all you hold dear.  The victimization and betrayal of the legal system can be more destructive and demoralizing than the very reason you sought relief in the first place.
  4. Your lawyer cares more about your case than making money.  MYTH. This myth is more complicated than others because there are lawyers who genuinely care about their clients and will fight for the best outcome for you, not just for their bottom line.  However, for most, you case will be a means for financial gains for your lawyer, the longer and more acrimonious it becomes, the more money they will make.  What this really means is the more money they will really take from you.  You are never more vulnerable to being hoodwinked than when you reach the point that you think you need legal counsel.  There are lawyers who live to destroy individuals rather than protect.  It is important to make sure you have an attorney trained to deliver the best legal outcomes for you but also equipped to provide the compassionate care you deserve.  The legal system is a dark and terrifying arena, you should not enter it without a trained and proven warrior that is committed to protecting you, your family, your finances, your faith, your wellness and your freedom.
  5. You will resolve your situation quickly.  MYTH. Relying on this myth has caused many a heartache and worse.  Time, there is no more precious commodity than time, yet time is one the most precious elements stolen by the legal system.  Constantly waiting and wondering.  When will an answer come? When will a hearing date be scheduled?  How many more times to go to court before a trial?  This myth has never had any element of reality and you need to know that entanglement in the legal system will be part of the fabric of your life for years draining your energy, attention and finances.  Seriously consider other ways you could spend your time doing things your love rather than wasting time while living in the land of torment and terror of the legal system.
  6. The legal system is fair.  MYTH. The absence of fairness in the legal system is the hardest myth for individuals to accept.  The legal system was meant to be fair, but due to corruption and monetization, fairness is no longer part of the legal system.  If you have survived the legal system and feel disillusioned, discouraged and confused, there is a reason.  Legal Abuse Syndrome is real.  You entered the legal system with an expectation that there would be character and integrity demonstrated by judges, lawyers, officers of the court and all the people that you encountered.  Instead you were subjected to cruel and unusual punishment, ignored, neglected and even abused.  You, in fact, have been traumatized by the very system from which you sought protection.

Revealing Recovery from Legal Abuse Syndrome

If you find yourself in a situation where you FEEL your only option is to engage a lawyer, you owe it to your wellbeing and finances to find other avenues.  Spend time with people who have been victimized and traumatized by the legal system, research the consequences of the negative impacts.  You will see that the legal system is the most dangerous place for you to be.  The good news is that there are alternatives to resolve your conflict without litigation.  Alternatives include mediation, collaborative law, even remediation.  Before you take yourself, your family and your future into the into system of torment and torture, research other avenues.  Avoid the trauma and abuse that awaits you in the legal system.  Reach out to trained professionals and organizations like Prevailing Matters.  If you find yourself in a place of despair and discouragement because of adverse legal experiences, Prevailing Matter can help.  We have a team that is ready to help you rebuild and regenerate your life and relationships that may have been destroyed by adverse legal syndrome.  Do not spend another minute in turmoil or torment.  Reach out to Prevailing Matters to get the guidance you need to prevail.