New Year, New Resolutions and New Start. Many of us look forward for new years with a hope to add a third dimension to our lives, that would distinguish ourselves from what we were in the previous year. Who doesn’t want to transition oneself from version 1.0 to version 2.0.

There would be lot of individuals out there who dream of wanting to start a new lifestyle,

· a lifestyle full of confidence,

· a lifestyle full of positivity,

· a lifestyle which makes us feel good/comfortable about ourselves and of course

· Icing on the cake would be to have a lifestyle which would make us look younger than our age.

My journey with fitness started quite some time ago, though it has been almost 4 weeks that I am being professionally trained and the results are wonderful.

This post is for beginners who wants to recondition their unhealthy lifestyle to a healthier one. Here are 5 best pick of Do’s which I would like to share with you all that helped me and hopefully will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Working out is great but not enough to achieve results. Here are 5 best picks of mine for you all to follow throughout 2018.

1. No Alcohol or Aerated drinks — Oh yes!!! If you seriously want to get in shape and burn that extra fat on your body, then your first step would be to completely stop alcohol consumption or consumption of any packaged/aerated drinks.

2. Planning your Meals — This is very important. My trainer keeps focusing on this point a lot. For you to see results it’s important to plan meals ahead of time.

3. Personal Fitness starts with self-study- I try to understand the meaning/logic/science (whatever you may call) on different exercises that I do and how they affect different parts of my body. Self-study & self-evaluation about your exiting food habits and exercise routines would help you better channelize or plan your fitness goals.

4. Eating less is not Eating right — Do not starts with crash diets from day 1. Give your body some time to detoxify itself. I do not diet but I have started realizing power of eating right. Dieting would show you results but the results are short lived. The moment you eat anything which was not a part of your routine crash diet, you may start feeling bloated or may eventually put on weight. Eating right is a practice which would take time, patients and constant self-assessment.

5. Eating Healthy Homemade food — I would suggest even before going to gym start cooking healthy food for yourself every single day/every single meal at home and see the difference. Do not eat outside at all for 2 weeks and towards the end of two weeks you would see the magic. If cooking is not an option for you then find a place which could give you customized meals as per your preferences, so that you could accommodate proteins, carbs, fibers, healthy fats etc. appropriately. I have personally seen a tremendous difference in the way I feel from the time I started eating RIGHT homemade food.

These few points which would help you get started with healthier and better life. I hope you all achieve your fitness goals and dreams in the year of 2018.