Living on your own terms, this is what I loved the most while reading the latest June 2021 British Vogue Issue interview of Billie Eilish.

19 years old, youngest winner of the Grammy Awards for Record of the Year 2021, Everything I wanted, praised by Elton John for writing personal songs about her own identity, dying friends, suicidal ideation, the global pandemic, and the climate crisis.

“I am in love with my future, I can’t wait to meet her” this is one of my most favorite songs, rediscovering life and its beauty, the trust in the world, in the country you are in, in the friends Bondhu – in Bangla language- that you have, the people around you, enjoying their companies and them, enjoying your smile, your work and your jokes, but mostly, the inner power that anyone shall discover within themselves – to love, to learn, to dance in your mind (always), to expand the willingness to embrace life itself – the good and the bad, the fun and the sad, the difficult and the easy parts of life (THE School of experiences).

I did not know much about Billie, so young, so confident, so strong-willed, so upfront. We should all learn a little bit from her. Being inspired and empowered by the words, the actions, the choices that we make, that we lead us somewhere – where our Dreams stand – and where we already know we should be. It is just a matter of time ( like the song, exactly).

A special honest quote about growing up that Billie reveals in the interview is the fact of feeling good right now, not trying to look back or fast forward yourself. The “Do what makes you feel good attitude” is always THAT gut feeling that grounds us on where we are and who we are, in this specific moment in time. No one should replace it and, by being self-aware and conscious of our possibilities, talents and strong mind, we can go anywhere (figuratively and literally).

Finally, a shout-out to all girls, young women and friends around the globe, do not let anyone control you, what you desire to do, and remember – in Billie’s words – “”that everything comes in waves, as our wise Greek philosopher Heraclitus thought us “Panta Rhei”– everything flows. And goes.

The Great Wave off Kanagawa, print by Hokusai (1831), Or, seen with Heraclitus’ eyes, Everything flows.

Thank you Billie. I would check your website, with more songs to listen.

Trackshot of songs for you, unleashing the power within yourself

The Girl from Ipanema – on the 1963 Joao Gilberto & Stan Getz Full Album

Samba de Benção – Bebel Gilberto

Lovely – Billie Eilish & Khalid

Your Power – Billie Eilish

I think, therefore I am – Billie Eilish

Ciao from Gaia’s Waves of Changes – over the years.