Dr. Nicholas J. Walls D.C., B.S.

The cells in your body will be completely new in one year. Your soft tissues, muscles, and organs will all be renewed in 365 days. Your bones renew every seven years.

At all times, your body is repairing and renewing. What are you doing to make sure the “new you” is a better you?

Here are three tips to maximize your health: correct posture, proper nutrition, and an active lifestyle.

In other words, when your mom said, “sit up straight, eat your vegetables, and go outside and play,” she was right if you want to optimize human function.

These three simple guidelines improve the functioning of the Central Nervous System, improve efficiency in all areas of life, and are easy for anyone to implement.

Do these three things for 365 days and you will be a better version of yourself this day, next year. 


1. Spinal Health (Alignment, Posture, Mobility)

Proper posture, mobility, and alignment of the spine is the first key to a healthy life.

Chiropractors are doctors who specialize in the alignment, posture, and mobility of the spine, which houses and protects the Central Nervous System—your brain and spinal cord.

The Central Nervous System controls and coordinates most functions throughout the human body. Nerves carry the energy of life and messages from the brain to all muscles, organs, and tissues to turn the human body into a functioning living organism.

The Central Nervous System runs through the spinal column—thirty-three vertebrae stacked on top of each other with cartilaginous discs in between to absorb shock and create mobility.

However, vertebrae can become misaligned due to birth, falls, traumas, accidents, repetitive stressful motions, sport injuries, improper posture, sitting too long, and other normal daily activities.

When vertebrae are misaligned or not functioning properly, nerves become pinched, pressured, or injured, and messages from the brain are distorted. Misaligned vertebrae causing distorted nerve messages are what Chiropractic calls vertebral “SUBLUXATIONS.”

Humans cannot feel 80% of subluxations, meaning it is possible to have nervous system dysfunction without pain. Therefore, getting checked by a Chiropractor regularly is important to find and remove subluxations in order to optimize bodily function and prevent injury and disease.

“A 7-year study from the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics found that patients whose primary physician was a Chiropractor experienced 85% less pharmaceutical costs, 62% less outpatient surgeries, and 60% less hospital admissions compared to patients who did not see a Chiropractor first for their health problems.”

2. Proper Nutrition (Organic, Whole Food, Plant-Based)

The second key to health is a whole food, plant-based eating approach. Think of food as medicine and the energy source of life.

A plant-based eating lifestyle helps regenerate your cells and puts less stress on your internal organs, arteries, and body as a whole. Your plate should have a variety of color.

Most of your plate should consist of organic fruits and vegetables, some healthy fats (e.g., nuts, seeds, avocado), and 4-6 oz of pasture-raised meat or wild fish if you eat meat.

Try to minimize grains and other starchy carbohydrates. Eliminate gluten, dairy, and sugar as much as possible. Eat food from the Earth, not man-made processed junk food or food that has been genetically modified or covered in chemicals.

Proper nutrition is the fuel that allows your body to regenerate and operate as an efficient system.

3. Movement (If you don’t move it, You lose it)

Movement is the third key to a healthier lifestyle. If a part of the human body is not moving or being used, it atrophies, or dies.

A non-moving area loses nutrients and blood flow, leading to degeneration and dysfunction. This is why exercise and daily movement are so important.

Exercise should be done with proper bio-mechanical motions and at a level of difficulty that the body can handle. Daily movement can be as simple walking, squats, jogging, push-ups, dancing, swimming or yoga.

Aim to move for at least 33 minutes a day. Balance movement in your routine with meditation, relaxation, and adequate sleep to calm your mind and allow your body to restore.

If your brain is clogged with stress, distractions, or unprocessed information, it cannot properly control and coordinate the rest of the nervous system. Movement coupled with sufficient rest helps your body to renew and repair itself.

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