“BioOx is committed to reimagining wellness by drawing inspiration from nature’s inherent ability to rejuvenate, creating a transformative approach that echoes the restorative power of the natural world.”

– Sam Sofer

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I had the privilege of interviewing two remarkable individuals, Lisa Routel and Sam Sofer, who are at the forefront of innovation and advancement in health and wellness.

Lisa, a seasoned strategist with a background in research science and business development, and Sam, a visionary in biotechnology and environmental sustainability, are key figures at BioOx. BioOx is a leading biotechnology company known for its groundbreaking work developing oxygen-delivery technology with transformative applications in various industries. Through their expertise and leadership at BioOx, Lisa and Sam actively contribute to improving global well-being and environmental health through innovative solutions.

Welcome, Lisa and Sam! Could you tell us about yourselves and your journey to BioOx?

Lisa Routel: Thank you, Stacey. My career began in the pharmaceutical industry as a research scientist, where I developed products for clinical trials. Transitioning into strategy and marketing roles across diverse sectors, such as automotive and telecom, I sought more meaningful work during the pandemic. That’s when I discovered BioOx, and its mission resonated deeply with me, especially after personal experiences with losing loved ones to cancer. I’m thrilled to be part of BioOx, contributing to improving people’s health with our innovative products.

Sam Sofer: My journey began during my tenure as a professor, where I was tasked with solving a problem related to shock in dogs. This led to decades of research, culminating in discovering how the body produces and utilizes oxygen reserves. At BioOx, we’ve harnessed this natural process through our innovative oxygen-delivery technology, which is revolutionizing various industries.

Fascinating! Lisa, can you explain more about BioOx and its benefits?

Lisa Routel: Certainly. BioOx utilizes the science of “ROx” – Reservoir of Oxygen – which involves highly concentrated oxygen and nitric oxide bullets. Our flagship product, the BioOx Water Supplement, infuses water with oxygen bullets, microorganisms, and enzymes, supporting various health and overall well-being aspects. Additionally, our air scrubber destroys air contaminants more effectively than standard filters, benefiting indoor and outdoor environments.

Impressive! How does ROx technology benefit health, Sam?

Sam Sofer: Our bodies possess innate intelligence, particularly our immune system. When you consume BioOx, the body distributes oxygen where needed most, aiding in fighting tumors, calming nerves, or combating viruses. Modern life exposes us to numerous contaminants, depleting our natural oxygen reserves. BioOx supplements these reserves with concentrated oxygen bullets, targeting where they are most needed and facilitating natural healing.

That’s incredible. Can you share real-world examples of how BioOx has helped people and pets?

Sam Sofer: Certainly. One memorable case involved a dog named Lexi, who had tumors and was very weak. After a serving of BioOx under her tongue, she became more alert, and her brain fog lifted. Over the months, her tumors reduced, her fur’s color improved, and her vet even noted her improved complexion. For humans, we’ve seen similar results. For instance, a man with chronic fatigue used BioOx and went from being exhausted after 15 minutes of standing to walking five miles a day.

Lisa Routel: We often see that customers initially need to consume larger quantities of BioOx to combat severe conditions. They can switch to a maintenance dosage once their health improves and the oxygen reserves build-up. I start my day with a glass of BioOx instead of tea, which helps maintain my overall health.

Sam Sofer: I do the same, and it helps with my wife’s arthritis. The first noticeable benefit for most people is reduced brain fog. The brain and spinal cord use 20% of our oxygen despite being only 2% of our body weight. So, BioOx helps the brain function better. In crowded places, I gargle it to kill pathogens and boost my immune system.

That’s amazing. What conditions have you seen BioOx help with over the years?

Sam Sofer: We’ve seen BioOx help with a range of conditions. For instance, Dr. Brevi, a medical doctor, has used it to help patients with chronic fatigue. It helps with brain fog and arthritis and even aids disease recovery by boosting the immune system.

Lisa Routel: Exactly. Our customers often personalize their dosage based on their needs. They might start with a high concentration to address a specific ailment and then switch to a maintenance dose. It’s all about listening to your body and adjusting accordingly.

Sam Sofer: When you take vitamin C, it acts as an essential antioxidant, but after your body uses it, you excrete the excess, and it’s done. You need to retake it. BioOx, however, is different. When it enters your body, it stays and continuously produces antioxidants. It’s an ongoing process that works with gut bacteria and overall body functions. I use it before playing tennis to get extra energy since my time for practice is limited. It helps significantly.

Fascinating! Can you explain the significance of ROx in BioOx and how it contributes to the supplement’s effectiveness?

Lisa Routel: Of course. ROx refers to our supplement’s unique combination of minerals and trace elements. These ROx are crucial in enhancing cellular function and promoting overall health. ROx helps optimize the body’s natural healing mechanisms by providing essential nutrients and supporting metabolic processes.

Sam Sofer: Additionally, ROx act as natural antioxidants, neutralizing harmful free radicals and reducing oxidative stress in the body. This contributes to a balanced internal environment and supports long-term health and vitality.

How does BioOx replicate natural processes to revitalize indoor and outdoor environments, and what makes this approach unique?

Sam Sofer: BioOx harnesses natural principles found in oxygen-rich environments in nature to purify and enrich indoor and outdoor spaces. By emulating these natural processes, BioOx is a potent, nature-inspired solution that revitalizes the air, promoting optimal health and well-being.

What role does BioOx play in optimizing athletic performance and recovery, particularly in elite athletes and sports enthusiasts?

Lisa Routel: BioOx is a performance-enhancing ally for elite and recreational athletes. It supports oxygen delivery to muscles and tissues for improved endurance and faster recovery. By optimizing oxygen utilization and promoting cellular regeneration, BioOx revolutionizes the athletic landscape, enabling individuals to achieve peak performance and overall vitality.

How does BioOx enhance diagnostic capabilities, and how does this impact long-term health outcomes?

Sam Sofer: By considering ROx measurements alongside traditional pulse ox measurements, healthcare professionals better understand an individual’s health. This holistic approach to diagnostics enables more effective treatment strategies by delving into deeper health issues that conventional tests might overlook, ultimately shaping more favorable long-term health outcomes for patients.

How does BioOx revolutionize wellness and healing by harmonizing with nature’s principles?

Sam Sofer: BioOx marks a paradigm shift in the wellness landscape by aligning with nature’s innate healing capabilities. By integrating these principles into everyday health practices, BioOx empowers individuals to tap into the transformative power of natural solutions for enhanced well-being and vitality.

What distinguishes BioOx from traditional treatments in addressing chronic health conditions like autoimmune diseases and respiratory disorders?

Lisa Routel: BioOx distinguishes itself from conventional treatments by targeting the root causes of ailments like autoimmune diseases and respiratory disorders rather than merely managing symptoms. BioOx offers a holistic approach to combating chronic conditions and fostering sustainable health outcomes by enhancing oxygen levels and promoting cellular rejuvenation.

How does BioOx contribute to mental health and cognitive well-being, particularly in addressing stress and anxiety?

Sam Sofer: BioOx’s positive impact extends to mental health and cognitive well-being by creating tranquil, oxygen-rich environments promoting relaxation and clarity. BioOx offers a natural remedy for enhancing overall cognitive function and emotional balance by mitigating stress and anxiety through heightened oxygenation.

Can you elaborate on the research and development process behind BioOx’s innovative technology and how it continues to evolve to meet changing health needs?

Lisa Routel: BioOx’s technology’s research and development journey is rooted in a commitment to scientific rigor and continuous innovation. By staying at the forefront of emerging health trends and technologies, BioOx remains agile in adapting its solutions to address evolving health needs, ensuring optimal effectiveness and relevance in fostering well-being.

What are some future advancements and applications of BioOx technology that hold promise for revolutionizing wellness and healthcare?

Lisa Routel: The future of BioOx technology is rich with possibilities, from innovative applications in personalized medicine to predictive health analytics that empower individuals to take proactive steps toward well-being. As BioOx continues to evolve, we foresee advancements in precision wellness solutions that cater to individual health profiles, revolutionizing how we approach health optimization and sustainable vitality.

That’s fascinating! It sounds like BioOx offers a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. Can you share any insights into the research and development process behind BioOx?

Lisa Routel: Certainly. The development of BioOx involved extensive research and collaboration with leading experts in nutrition and biochemistry. We conducted rigorous clinical trials and studies to evaluate the safety and efficacy of our supplement, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.

Sam Sofer: Our research continues to drive innovation and improvement in our products as we strive to provide cutting-edge solutions for modern health challenges. We’re committed to transparency and integrity in our research process, allowing customers to make informed decisions about their health.

Impressive dedication to scientific excellence! Could you share any plans or future developments for BioOx?

Lisa Routel: Absolutely. We’re continuously exploring new avenues for innovation and improvement in our products. Our team is committed to staying at the forefront of natural health solutions, leveraging the latest research and technology to enhance BioOx’s effectiveness.

Sam Sofer: In the coming months and years, we plan to expand our product line and explore new applications for BioOx in various health and wellness sectors. We’re excited to continue empowering individuals to take control of their health and unlock their full potential with BioOx.

That’s a game-changer! Where can those interested in BioOx find more information or purchase the product?

Lisa Routel: Visit our website to explore our range of products and learn more about the science behind BioOx. We’re dedicated to providing personalized support and guidance to help individuals achieve their health goals.

Sam Sofer: And remember, we’re direct-to-consumer, so you can easily purchase BioOx online and experience its transformative benefits from the comfort of your home.

Wonderful! Before we wrap up, what final message would you like to share with our audience?

Lisa Routel: Everyone deserves to experience vibrant health and vitality. With BioOx, individuals can take control of their well-being and unlock their body’s full potential. We invite you to join us on this journey towards natural health and wellness.

Sam Sofer: Thank you for having us, Stacey. Discussing BioOx and sharing our passion for natural health solutions has been a pleasure. We look forward to continuing the conversation and empowering more individuals to live their best lives.

Thank you, Lisa and Sam, for sharing your knowledge and insights on BioOx’s transformative potential and inspiring individuals to embrace a natural approach to healing and wellness!

Sam Sofer
Lisa Routel