Is someday a day?

Most of us talk about it as if it is.

A quick review of my own life story reveals multiple “someday” infractions. I can remember many times where instead of activating a dream or a goal today, I chose to instead seek an imaginary 8th day of the week called someday to invest my time and energy in. I was the keeper of many excuses and seemingly valid reasons why this time now was not the right time.

Essentially, if you are seeking results, they probably do not live in someday. Someday is an open abyss where the things you most want in life are put on hold while you stay really busy recycling what you have always done, with all the aspects of life that you no longer enjoy! Someday is a very special place where your fears live and your excuses and limiting beliefs thrive.

I am sure that many of you can relate to pushing things to a future point in time. Often many aspects of our plans and goals do in fact take time to build up to. You need to have goals and plans for the future, otherwise where would you go, what path would you seek? Yet, as a transitional coach, I know for a fact, that it is the steps we take now, the ½ steps we grab hold of and activate today, that refresh our plans and take them from intentions on paper to real life commitments with active purpose.

So, what would be different for you if you could rewrite someday?

If magically now were your new next, could you launch and deliver on the details and strides necessary to build out what you most desire one day at a time, starting today?

I know that I did just that. I rewrote someday. When I pivoted into the current chapter of my life, I rewrote someday because I decided to live it! Someday became today. Someday became Monday, or Tuesday, or whatever day I was living. Someday became where I was authentically challenging myself. Rewriting someday changed my life and it can change yours as well! 

Rewriting someday is about cashing in on the 24 hours at hand. It is about embracing the unknown today so that you play big in the moment. The only way to get to someday is via today!

3 WOW NOWS to support you in redefining and repositioning someday today:

· Let it go: Let go of someday and yesterday all at once by writing a let go letter. Take 10 minutes to honor the things that are holding you back. Call them out and clear them out. Let the words flow from your head, to your heart, to your pen, or to your computer keys. Read your letter out loud in front of the mirror. Then crumple it up and toss that letter away. How do you feel? Now that you have let go of negative energy and what no longer resonates and serves you, what can you accomplish? What can you allow in TODAY? Making room creates fresh perspective and space for what is next.

· Bring a beginner’s mindset: Everything you now know was once an unknown! You were not born knowing everything, instead you learned it along the way. Unknowns thrive and become knowns in creative space. Turn up the volume on creativity and dial down fears. Ask yourself, what is another way of looking at this situation? Think about a goal or dream that you have for yourself that is getting pushed into the future. Now picture placing that goal or dream inside a beautiful snow globe. Shake that snow globe so that the glitter and synthetic snow falls all around this magical snow globe highlighting possibilities. Where do the pieces fall? Can you find another way to look at or accomplish your ideas once you shake them up? What can you do differently NOW? Write down 3 creative things you can do in the next 24 hours to gain some clarity and traction. Circle one of those items and commit to accomplishing it now.

· Be accountable: Your mobile phone is now your accountability partner. Use the calendar function on your mobile phone to stay current and to create actionable evidence for yourself. Every Sunday evening schedule a meeting with yourself. Take a selfie to document the meeting. Now, focus on one specific goal or dream that you would like to gain traction on this week. Make a list of 7 (one for each day) small action steps that you could possibly take this week to bring that idea closer to a reality for you. Place one action step into your calendar for each day of the week ahead. Create an event around that step. If it requires reservations, payment, or time with others, connect to all of those elements during this meeting with yourself. Text who needs to be texted, RSVP and pay for what you need to in order to take forward action on someday today. The following Sunday recap your wins and then begin again. 


  • Randi Levin

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