Almost half of all marriages end in divorce. Less known is that almost 48 percent of children are born to unwed parents and up to 92 percent of new parents are millennials. They’re predicted to become the largest cohort of “Conscious Uncouplers” in history, and everyone is hoping this generation does their divorce differently than their Kramer v. Kramer-influenced parents.

And there’s good news: Millennial parents are known to be child-focused and describe co-parenting as one of their most important life objectives. As a generation, they are seeking alternatives to the expensive, time-consuming, toxically litigious approach their parents took. “Hopefully, they are more informed, technically savvy, and eager to make their own co-parenting decisions — rather than surrender decisions to a judge.” says Hon. Andrea B. Moen (retired Justice), who spent 19 years on the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta. “Co-parenting issues such as splitting holidays, planning extracurricular activities or making travel plans are what parents argue about. Litigating is remarkably inefficient, highly combative, and almost never in a child’s best interest.”

One technology that Millennials and other savvy parents are using is coParenter, a powerful new app (iOS and Android) that blends artificial intelligence and live professionals to help parents stay focused on loving their kids, rather than hating their ex.

Launched by former California Superior Court Presiding Judge, Hon. Sherrill Ellsworth, coParenter has been gaining traction as an early, middle and late-stage intervention tool in courts and communities across the U.S. and Canada. At its core, coParenter helps users manage, organize, and document their coparenting relationship. All communication and co-parenting activity is timestamped and verified on the platform. Parents can also make and manage structured requests to help them stay on top of weekend swaps, extracurricular activities, and shared expenses. And soon, they’ll even be able to request and transfer funds directly through the app, making child and spousal support, equalization payments, and expense reimbursement drama a thing of the past.

And when there’s disagreement, users can “GetHelp” from an on-demand coParenting professional who will provide one-on-one coaching or mediate agreements between parents, safely, securely, and legally. They’ll even draft the agreement and synchronize it, so it can be finalized, followed, and filed.

Justice Moen continues, “If parents come to their own agreements they can avoid court entirely. Technologies like coParenter give them just the right amount of help to do exactly that.”

An annual subscription cost less than an hour with most lawyers, and includes enough credits for two mediations every month. There’s a free 30-day trial so you create a parenting plan and explore the app before subscribing.

Separation, divorce, and coParenting are just the latest life experiences being revolutionized by millennials. And coParenter is helping them prove that kids do better when parents get along.

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  • Jonathan Verk is the CEO & Co-founder of Hyphenus, the pioneering provider of Intelligent Dispute Resolution (IDR) technology. Their flagship product, coParenter, helps separating, divorced and never-married parents predict, prevent and resolve conflict, allowing them to make better coParenting decisions for their kids. Prior to founding coParenter, Jonathan spent more than two decades in different leadership roles in the entertainment, media and technology industries.  Most recently, Jonathan was Executive Vice President at Shazam where he spearheaded the company’s television practice. Prior to that, he was CEO of PromaxBDA, where he grew the organization it into an international brand serving over 20k media & entertainment marketing executives with more than 30 conferences & events around the world. In addition to his day jobs, Jonathan has devoted himself to social justice organizer, CMO of Nicholas Negreponte’s One Laptop Per Child and an advisor to Vice President Al Gore. He founded Hyphenus after experiencing the impact family litigation can have on families.