Rhea Saggu

Acting & modelling in India is not a bed of roses. It is not easy to attain and not easy to retain the glory as a actress & model in our country, especially as a girl. Contrary to what everyone thinks, actresses & models do not necessarily lead a lavish lifestyle or have their every whim heard and fulfilled.
The most prime example is that they have to shoot in somewhat extreme situations regardless of their health and preferences. Their work commitments always top their list of priorities, and if they don’t, they’re tagged to be unprofessional.
Even if models achieve the greatest heights of fame, they’re always subjected to criticism and scrutinized over every little thing -well, a nominal price to pay!
They don’t have any privacy and are expected to be happily invaded in their personal relationships like it’s everybody’s business.
Knowing everything stated above, Rhea, a young girl based in Delhi, decided to take the plunge, and it was not a cakewalk for her. Let’s us get encountered with her journey:
It’s her confidence and beauty that brought Rhea to the modeling & acting industry.The award-winning model has been doing many indian & international shoots and music albums since her college days. However, her parents were a little apprehensive about Rhea entering the world of fashion and fame. It took much convincing on Rhea’s part to finally make her parents agree to her dreams and modeling ambitions.

And once they did, there’s was no one stopping her. That was it; she finally started taking her baby steps in the world of glamour. Multiple auditions, aplenty photoshoots, and a couple of sleepless nights – and there she was, Rhea, ready to face the camera and the world! Rhea made her official debut with this album called DilGoriye.Her Mother is Source of inspiration and in recent lockdown her mother boosted her confidence to stay positive & being focused. Her Gym trainer Wasim Alvi had been quite consistent and focused to make sure Rhea does her home workout & remain in shape.
Rhea has also been a calendar girl and did a shoot in Dubai for its 2019 and 2020-21 editions. The Calendar Event managed by entrepreneur and publisher Sanjeev Jain.
No wonder Rhea who has multiple projects in her hand already, is surely going to be a household name sooner than she expects.