It’s a special time for women in hip-hop, with one female rapper after another hitting the Billboard Hot 100. While stars like Cardi B and Lizzo continue to dominate with catchy hits, young artists like Saweetie and Megan Thee Stallion are on the rise. It’s breathtaking here, but of course, not all the women in hip hop you should be listening to right now.

Meet Rican Da Menace, a rising hip hop artist, and you probably hear her famous song “Let me Know,” which is currently trending on social media sites such as Youtube, iTunes, and sound cloud. She hits the top 100 on the iTunes charts in a very short time.

. The iTunes Top 100 Songs list includes the hottest and most popular hit singles and chart of all music genres, including today’s hottest pop, rap, rock, and country songs. But her song Let Me know hit the top 100 on iTunes charts, which is an actual image of her skills and talent.

She was born on December 8, 2001, in the USA. Since childhood, she was inclined towards the entertainment industry, watched YouTube stars, and loved fashion. Her music video “Let Me Know” went viral on YouTube, Soundcloud, iTunes and now has over a million views. She can be expected to be nominated for Best Hip Hop Artist at the BET Awards and is preparing to release her debut album. The combination of her accent with her unique past and perspective is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. For hip-hop fans who complain that the next generation of rappers looks and sounds exactly the same, Rican Da Menace can be a breath of fresh air.

The lone woman to grace the cover, the rapper from Rican Da Menace America, has already gained popularity after her project “Let me Know” drew a positive response from critics. Rican Da Menace praised the young artist for his “approachability and confidence” and poise. The 19-year-old artist was known for her nail art shop and catchy songs, and working with other creative people to create compelling visuals. In less than two years, she has risen in the rankings and cemented her place in the crucial conversation, rap without apology about fashion, beauty, and empowerment.

In order for a song to become the most popular, a music performer must have some necessary qualities, such as his or her proper education in the relevant field. Rican Da Menace hip hop artist, has detailed information about music. As an influential musician Rican Da Menace with experience in performing knows everything there is to know about recording equipment and sound engineering. Rican Da Menace also a fan of many collabs and she really wants to collab with other artists for new songs and recordings.

Rican Da Menace produces music that stimulates areas of pleasure and reward, such as the frontal cortex of the orbit, located just behind the eyes, and an area of the midbrain known as the ventral striatum. Specifically, the amount of creativity in these areas matches how much you like the tunes. Along with this, you can make your life easier and thus pay more attention to other items of daily life.

We are hoping she will produce such kind of hip hop music for her fans and continue to get top 100 on iTunes and Soundcloud chart. To know her more, follow her Instagram and enjoy her beat.