Rich Manley is a prominent movie actor and traveler who was born on June 16, 1986, in Massachusetts. As a youngster, he was peaceful, imaginative, and wanted to indulge in several things. Rich engaged in magic at the age of 10 years and his interest started to develop when his grandfather displayed to him his first magic trick. In the early teenage years, Rich spent his time performing at occasions, bars, TV programs, and for the family. His affection for magic was as rigid as his enthusiasm for martial arts as he kept on creating new effects and sharpened his skills.
When Rich turned 13, he started practicing Kenpo Karate and achieved his Black Belt in four years along with teaching professionally at the nearby school. After attaining initial exposure to martial arts he decided to perform for the public and he went to New York City to prepare in the styles of Wing Chun Kung Fu, Shaolin Kung Fu, and numerous weapons where he worked under the guidance of Shaolin Monks. Rich obtained a black belt in two distinct styles of Kung Fu and traveled to Los Angeles for competition at the age of 19. He received the title from a well- renowned TV company called K-Star named as “one of the top sixty young martial arts performers in North Americaā€¯.
As he grew up, he decided to engage himself for higher education at Radford University in Virginia for media studies and sports while giving priority to martial arts. At university, he acquired knowledge about the art of making films and sharpened his acting skills. Unfortunately, Rich was not satisfied with his learning, and in frustration, he left his studies then he made a trip to Los Angeles to work on a TV documentary known as “Stars Stunts Action”. This trip was a turning point of his life as he got an opportunity to meet professional fighters, choreographers, and coaches. Moreover, at the same time, he also demonstrated his magic skills in the industry and he was honored at Magic Castle in Hollywood. This proud and precious moment created positive energy in him as he kept on boosting his magic skills.
Indulging in numerous activities at an early age, Rich also had an interest in rock climbing, scuba diving, sky diving, and many more adventures. Under the academics, he took human sciences, archaeology, and cultural studies. Apart from this, Rich appreciates the writing, martial arts, music, and improving his own magic skills.


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