Ocean City Maryland, on a warm summer day is the epitome of relaxation. The sunshine warms the soul, the sounds of the boardwalk bring joy and the sea waves have a calming effect. On such a day I was in the water when I sensed a wave coming. Glancing at the wave it did not seem intimidating. As the wave came closer, the realization dawned that this was bigger than normal. I stood my ground and continued to waddle as though nothing had changed. Too late, the monster rose tall and swallowed me whole. The next moments were topsy-turvy as I scraped the bottom, took in unpleasant sea water and was embarrassingly tossed towards the shoreline. As I got up, a little bruised but mostly a pride that was hurt, I realized this may relate to what we face in our lives.

We sometimes face a wave of misfortune. It could be a relationship; it could be financial or an accident. We may not have a way to avert what happened. It is our response to the event that can make the difference. Could I, when faced with the wave, instead of staying the course, have reacted in a manner that would help me. Sticking with the wave analogy, I could have surfed the wave, or I could have risen with the wave and then followed the water to the shore. We must learn to ride the wave.

The ‘wave’ of misfortune is filled with negative energy. This disrupts our daily life causing grief, anxiety and confusion. There is energy being used against us, even though it may not be the type of energy we desire

To ‘ride the wave’ we need to come up with a plan to convert this negative energy into positive energy.

There are several options to ride the wave. One way is to take up a task that you were never able to do before. The more challenging the task the better. Travel to an exotic location, run a Marathon, Learn a new language or instrument. Still better, create a bucket list and start working towards crossing them off. Redirect the negative energy to positive use.

Yes, it’s easier said than done, however it is a start in the right direction.

It channels your negative energy of anger, disillusionment, frustration or despair to a positive energy of satisfaction and fulfillment.

A step towards restoring inner tranquility and peace !