Michael E Weintraub Esq

Everyone got affected by the coronavirus pandemic directly or indirectly. It may include adjusting to the new work-life situation, losing a job or a loved one, and impacting people’s mental health. Alcohols, misuse of other substances, depression, and anxiety have all skyrocketed because of Covid 19. It affects the business since this has caused low productivity and increased accidents at work.

During a crisis, when people are increasingly stressed and socially isolated, you must support the mental health of both the type of employees- who are coming to the workplace and those who are working from home, says Michael e Weintraub esq.

 Due to the high strain caused by COVID-19, it is straightforward for people to destroy trust, inhibit empathy and bring down teams. It will eventually make it very difficult for people to do their jobs. In this article, you will know how employers help their employees manage the stress that tends to their mental health.

What can managers do during Covid 19?

Even during adverse times like the outbreak of COVID-19, the tools that make you an effective manager are the same, which is needed to support your employees’ mental health.

Be vulnerable

Covid 19, being a universal experience, has somehow decreased the stigma, opening doors for employees to feel comfortable talking about their mental health. Good leaders communicate with their employees. Authentic leadership involves leaders being more human, relatable, and brave, which can ultimately cultivate trust and improve the employees’ performance.

Model healthy behaviors

Often managers are so emphasized towards their team’s perfection regarding work that they forget to take care of themselves. It is essential to have a therapy appointment or maybe prioritize a staycation so that everybody feels comfortable and works at their pace, says Michael e Weintraub esq.

Build a culture of connection through check-in

Nowadays, since everybody has to work online, it is tough to make out who is struggling and who is not, so managers need to ask specific questions and show support wherever required. Communicating and showing genuine compassion for what matters, knowing where to be not overbearing.

Offer flexibility and be inclusive

The Conversations that include talking about your teams allow you to know more and support mental health. Inclusive flexibility, which is precisely about this, helps people preserve the boundaries they need. Needing different things at different times is one of the traits of human nature, so it is necessary to offer flexibility and be realistic as much as possible. Normalizing flexibility and a simple change in your behavior can help your team thrive. Patience and trust are those underrated values that can give rise to a profound difference and help your employees during this tragic time, says Michael e Weintraub esq.

Being a director takes a lot more than you can think. It brings in a lot of pressure due to immense responsibilities, conversing about mental health and the things that unnerve is beneficial to the employees and the employers. Therefore managers should give special attention to the mental health of employees.