Working with mentally challenge people has taught me one very important lesson, never ever ignore mental health. It is mostly ignored by close family and friends even though they are noticing some abnormal behaviors in the affected person. They only take actions when matters go out of their control. Why do we think its just easy to ignore minor symptoms? might be we don’t want to deal with that or just don’t care. I realized mostly people are suffering due to toxic or broken relationships or family connections. There are so many things we don’t know collectively as humans when it comes to mental health. Its our job to get awareness and spread awareness about it.

There are so many types of common mental illnesses, like Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar disorders, Fears , Phobias, Panic and Eating disorders. This list goes on and on. When someone experiences any of these symptoms, they might be confused or scared about it. Sometimes they don’t know how to deal with it or explain to others. Each of us should be paying attention to our surrounding and if someone is exhibiting any of these symptoms, make them comfortable first and then offer them help. It’s hard to accepts the fact that they are suffering from any type of mental disorders. According to NAMI statistics, 1 in 5 American adults had some type of mental disorder in 2018.

Our lifestyle plays an important part in our mental health. Toxins in our daily use products, air and food makes us sick and then our Immune system suffers and becomes compromised. It can’t stop the spread and sometimes it attacks our body due to confusion when we have so many toxins in our system. It’s so hard to avoid this all. It’s creating one problem after another. Carefully watch what we eat because our bodies are what we eat, avoid processed food and prefer freshly cooked meals.

In recent years, I have heard so many people committing suicide and dying due to over dose of drugs. This makes my heart ache. If its bothering me just to hear, think what it is doing to close family and friends. It is a long lasting trauma for people around them. We should always pay attention to people making comments indicating any type of depression or self harm. Just talk to them, validate their concerns and offer them help. We all need to contribute into mental well being of each others, being nice and accepting each others shortcoming plays an important part in pleasant environment. We need to promote family life which I have seen a lot recently. Covid is isolating people from each other. Mostly are working from home so it is good when they are home and cooking more, and doing more fun activities these days. On the other hand, domestic violence also increased. Thats alarming too. In order to reduce it, we all need to start interacting socially, keeping all precautions in mind. Digital media like FaceTime, Zoom is helping a lot for professional and personal lives during Covid. Use it to talk to family and friends on regular basis. We all need to be more creative and Innovative to overcome pandemic blues, please keep it up without being disheartening during pandemic.