There is a method for rising above our ego.

It is starting to penetrate to all walks of society.

Only now it’s being revealed through us.

How can we turn our separate hearts into one great heart?

We must raise the attributes of bestowal above the attributes of reception.

We only need to ask, like small children do until they get what they want:

“Raise me up out of my egoism – so I can disconnect from myself.”

“How can I transform myself to the attribute of bestowal?”

“To see things in a way that is not distorted by my ego?”

Only a group can pull you out of this egoistic prison.

What conditions do I need for the group to snatch me out of my egoism?

How can they do it? What depends on the group, and what depends on me?

We simply need to connect with the force controlling the ego.

We need to develop a desire between us to rise above our nature.

This will define the implementation.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is simply a list of guidelines that exists for one main purpose: revelation of godliness to the creatures in this world. 

We need to figure out how to do this consciously, rather than being controlled.

Then the upper force is revealed in a person.

Nothing new happens except that the recognition of it gives a person answers to everything in life. 

Then the person integrates in the general nature and feels the eternalness of everything.

Kabbalah is talking about how everything is flowing in one direction — this general force governing everything.

How do we reveal it in the group? The Creator designs states so that we must turn to Him to arrange the connection between us – so He will reveal to us the state of the world.

So the question is: How by creating the right states between us do we attain the general connections of the entire world?

No one can release themselves from egoism in this world – only a friend can help.

When you help the friend, you are on your way to getting rid of suffering.

You must help a friend get rid of his spiritual problems.

The work is not directed at ourselves but rather toward concern for another.

And through this we correct ourselves.

You demonstrate to the friend how much you want to rise upward.

We have no problems except spiritual problems.

There is nothing else – only lights and vessels.

What is a vessel? It is the connection of our common desire to reveal the force that operates us. 

All problems are only a result of lack of light in the vessels – that is all.

There are only two forces in the world, positive and negative, and us between them.

The purpose of my existence is to receive the force of the light, and acquire my soul.

Everything that is outside of me, is my soul. 

The friend’s vessel is your soul.

A friend is a person’s only means for attaining spirituality.