As the sun is rising every day

women are rising even before you wake up

they are the sun and the darkness

as a well-balanced yin yan

As the stars are appearing every night

in the darkest sky

women are the brightest

among the brightest nights

Women are creatures

rising every day and night

We are the day and night

We are the light in every time

As the world is moving on

we are the creatures with no words

we can be whatever we want

or still, are we prisoners of the modern world

As we are moving faster than ever

killing everything around

we have no voice to speak

the truth that will set us just to be

Women are creatures

We are rising

We are not stopping until

Equality is the new home

Until the sun and stars are shining for us

Until our light is bright enough

For all of us to be free

Yes! We are the rising creatures.