The art of piano playing has long been a respected and desired artform. It’s an artform that develops the whole learner: reading music, patience, confidence, perseverance, discipline. And then there’s the other side of it the opportunity for artistic expression and increased emotional intelligence. There’s even the physical impact: improved dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Parents hope to inspire a passion for piano in their children.

But what happens when the traditional methods of learning piano no longer meet the needs of the modern learner? Today’s youth is harder to engage, more challenging to inspire, and more distracted than ever. When we want to see them develop passions and interests in something other than social media or the latest tech device, we face a daunting task. Keeping their attention and discipline long enough to engage them long-term feels nearly impossible.

But this is where the Oclef piano school is rising to meet the challenge.

With engaging teaching strategies, Oclef pairs this with their unique, winning approach- combining quality with quantity. The goal? Mass consumption!

Their strategy has the average student practicing 6 out of 7 days of the week. The online courses are designed for frequent consumption of materials, which helps students maintain their interest in the course. One key to student motivation is finding success, so when students are faced with the frequent challenge of classes and finding themselves successful lesson after lesson, they stick with it. They enjoy it. They keep at it.

It’s a winning strategy. 

A Winning Strategy for Unprecedented Times

With the Covid-19 pandemic, parents across the nation are looking for ways to keep their struggling students engaged and interested. Sports are cancelled; classes are distanced. Parents are looking for ways to keep their students busy, but more than busy, ways to keep then engaged, interested and involved. And Oclef works to fill this gap.

Piano instruction in the era of Covid-19 offers an outlet and a method of expression for students. It inspires artistic development and encourages students to see the value and enjoyment in creativity.

At the same time, it can also serve to be therapeutic and healing. At a time when stressors are at an all-time high and anxiety is growing among children on a regular basis, the therapeutic qualities of playing piano can have a profound impact on their emotional and mental state.

It’s also a powerful distraction and a valuable way to fill their time. Daily classes, hours of weekly instruction, planned concerts and presentations all allow students with an outlet during challenging times. They have something to look forward to, something to grow towards, something to become passionate about and interested in. Our patient but disciplined instructors guide students through their collective development as a musician, and Oclef produces talented musicians who know how to feel confident when seated at the piano.

Piano instruction with Oclef isn’t just about getting your child to play a musical instrument- it’s about collectively building an entire experience around piano. Oclef builds talented musicians in today’s youth, and the results are passionate, motivated, and inspired youth who are brought a sense of balance with such an expressive and therapeutic outlet.