I heard a song this week by Lauren LoGrasso called “RISE“.  I urge everyone to listen to it as it is incredibly relevant to what we have been going through as a nation today.

At the center of the song is abuse, and the inability to accept that abuse anymore.  It goes on to share how one chooses to “rise” against it.  It made me think of George Floyd and how history will record his murder, given everything that has happened since. 

Will the destructive, violent actions of some cause this tragedy to be classified as just “another uprising” that did little to fix what obviously needs to be fixed?  Or will our nation “rise up” and become MORE through it?

I am hoping for the latter.  I worry, though, that the initial abuse ‘that has spawned so many others now donning all kinds of faces’ will ultimately result in George Floyd dying in vain.  There is so much hurt and anger to work through so that clarity, justice, and change can occur.  Some of this hurt and anger needn’t have happened at all and would have been better, had it not.

It is in all our hands to waylay that concern and unfortunate reality, however — to make something of George Floyd’s memory of which our nation can be proud of.

We can choose to “rise up” together or allow further “uprising” to erect more barriers between us and delay progress as a people.    

I know where I sit on the matter.  Where do you?  History is waiting.