Before learning about Thrive, I lived and breathed work, which did not leave me any time to enjoy my husband and four kids. I wasn’t eating enough or sleeping enough. I was always tired and I took care of everybody else and left myself for last. From a mental, emotional, and physical standpoint, I needed to make a change. The Thrive Challenge was presented to us at our beginning-of-the-year meeting, and I knew I needed to start putting myself first.

The Thrive Challenge helped me prioritize saving money.

I’m a single-income earner, and money has always been a struggle for our family. So when I was first introduced to the Thrive app, I started with my spending habits. It has helped me save in every way I can. Small things such as setting reminders to pay bills on time and removing a couple of non-essential items from the shopping cart have helped me save.

My peers and I have started a biweekly Thrive call for accountability and support. 

After every call, we pick a goal for ourselves to conquer and then report back on the next call regarding our progress. Last week, we committed to leaving work at a decent hour so we can head home to our families and enjoy them. Whether it’s helping with the children’s homework, helping cook supper, eating dinner with the family, or being able to read stories to the kids at bedtime, achieving a cut-off time at work allowed us to enjoy our families.

I have lost 50 pounds, and it’s even impacted my family.

It shows in how I present myself, how I dress, and how I move. I have increased my water intake, incorporated more exercise into my day, and learned some tips on how to control mindless eating. These behaviors are also having a positive impact with the family. I can keep up with my kids and I have a lot of energy to burn. It feels so good to be able to lead by example.

To be a part of such a strong support network is extremely motivational.

I joined Thrive’s brainstorming session on mental resilience earlier this month, and it was a great humbling experience, meeting and listening to people from all walks of life. We shared tips such as scheduling breaks into your calendar, using the Reset feature in the Thrive app, and setting up a vision board of positive thoughts. I am now encouraging more of my teammates to download the app and do the 21-day Challenge. Everybody deserves to feel good about themselves and to be their very best. 

I see the glass as half full now, and the optimism spreads to the whole house. 

Focusing on gratitude and positivity have given me a different outlook on life and has taught me to be thankful for what I have. I now understand that although there are things that happen that are beyond my control, I always have the power to control how I react. Thrive has taught me how to be more relaxed, more calm, and how to just breathe in the moment. I am taking every moment in stride, dealing with life’s adversities from a calmer perspective, and enjoying my family every chance I get.

— Ro Opinga, Walmart Supercentre #1078; Lethbridge, AB; $2K Winner