A graduate of Yeshiva University in New York, Robert Rimberg is an attorney in the area of Bellevue, Washington. The founder of Bill4Time, a service that helps attorneys streamline payments. Robert Rimberg is a Lawyer and entrepreneur who enjoys working on new business ventures. Here are some of the top reasons entrepreneurs love what they do:

  1. By starting a venture from scratch, entrepreneurs get to give life to new ideas, both big and small, growing and nurturing them from infancy to maturity, when the ideas attain market acceptance.
Staring from Scratch.

2. Entrepreneurs enjoy spending long hours working to bring a project to life because they are passionate about their idea. They are driven to develop products and services that solve problems and make life easier for others. This personal attachment to their businesses and core mission makes work all the more enjoyable.

Long work hours.

3. Some entrepreneurs love being on the front line and being directly responsible for their fates, the welfare of their employees, and the well-being of the business. That sense of responsibility allows entrepreneurs to grow as people and leaders.

Front Line Decisions.

4. Running a business is fraught with risks and challenges. Overcoming challenges leads to personal growth.

Chance for Personal Growth.