Robert Trosten

Due to the spread of Covid-19, the situation around the world has become quite grim, causing or aggravating mental health issues in people. Adding to this are the challenges like rising unemployment, children’s vulnerability, and more. People have to go into self-isolation. And while it is one aspect, there seems to be no apparent respite from tension about the future. Some people with resources can be in a better position to look after their mental health. Still, they, too, are not wholly immune to stress. From this, what others without any resources must be going through can be unfathomable.

Anyway, the truth is everyone is stuck in this situation, and there is a growing need to deal with stress and anxiety to maintain mental health and sanity. Here are some insights to help you understand what you can do in this scenario.

How to stay mentally healthy?By Robert Trosten

Mental health analyststell those working from home to follow a framework just like they did in the past. Get up, clean your bed, bathe, groom yourself, eat, and so on. Create a routine as per your habits. Also, allot specific timing to your work so you can take small breaks of twenty to thirty minutes in between when required. Once your job for the day is over, you should take up a different activity to stop continually thinking about office work. It can be cooking, playing music, or finishing a household chore.

Experts like Robert Trosten suggest that one should not consume too much news around the pandemic as it can create unnecessary pressure on their minds. Besides, there is a need to discuss close relations, like parents, siblings, friends, and others. Everyone is feeling insecure about the health and wellness of their dear ones due to the increasing infection rates. To beat the anxiety arising out of such moments, you should talk more about your relationships, which can infuse a sense of stability. The atmosphere can become lighter.

How to deal with children in this crisis?

Children tend to be sensitive and extra imaginative. Distressful things about the pandemic you discuss can massively impact their psyche. Hence, you have to be careful about what you speak and how. For instance, you can take a discreet and matter-of-fact approach to your discussions when informing them about this virus. Don’t keep anything secret as it would be misleading. However, make sure you don’t fill them with anxious or stressful emotions. Give your kids enough time and attention. They need your love more than ever. So reassure them of your presence by engaging in fun activities or praising them for completing a task successfully. Some also advise that you should create a disciplined routine for them as they find it incredibly reassuring.

Overall, uncertain times fan the feelings of fear and anxiety. It is vital to keep yourself calm when it is storming outside. Count your blessings, and reach out to people you love and care for virtually, and help the needy. All these practices can be immensely useful for your mind.