When you make life your playground, you change the landscape to all experiences. We have to honor and embrace the obstacles that come into our path for resistance will only make that which you do not want hang around a little bit longer.

There is something in each moment that comes to us to bring us to our highest good. If you think that someone has done something to you, you truly have to open your mind and stretch and know, not just believe, but know that the universal source is guiding you. The reality is when someone attempts to do something to us, or our children for example they are only hurting themselves. What may seem like a temporary gain to them in their disconnected mind will inevitably display their character in the long run.

So I challenge you, when it’s the hardest to sit back and let it all play out. Go right back to what brings you joy and remove your focus from that person or situation. (Think, don’t feed the monster!) There is a strong demarcation line between knowing and hope. Strongly step over that line and know that all is working out for your highest good.

The visualization of dancing with life in finite spirit can allow us to remain intentional with each day. We are in control of our perception and our alignment. When you nurture your alignment through meditation, writing, movement, play, breathing techniques and wholesome nutrition we are truly unshakable. It’s this state of absolute certainty in oneself that can’t be shaken by any storm. Think about the beauty and the divine design of the palm tree that can wether the strongest hurricane coming onshore. Deeply rooted, with the ability to bend with the winds and endure the rain for extended periods of time. Storm after storm the palm tree always remains as the sun comes out again and the storm has moved on.

Be that palm tree. In alignment, flexible and always naturally prepared to endure.

Rock it out. For you, for your children, for your partner, for your family. You don’t need to accept the gift of others destructive behaviors and judgements. Wait, what… yes. Say no thank you, I don’t accept that gift! (Really just to yourself, don’t even gift them a response) And fly high, vibrate higher and allow the storms that others try to push on you bear no weight in your soul. Those that bring conflict and negative energy are truly their own worst enemy. (It’s the law of attraction, it will always boomerang right back to them) You have the tools to deflect their energy and they will crumble on their own. Your only job is to not accept their energy into your space. Be a bold protector of yourself, your mindset and those closest to you.

Originally published at www.huffingtonpost.com