About being the winners :

The freshest news reveals who won The Communitas Excellence Awards of 2020. Well !! The top20 iTunes rocker John Vento and Pittsburgh club owner Ron Esser, in the company of a leading country radio chart artist Richard Lynch, have succeeded in winning the Communitas Awards.

MTS Management Group is privileged to reveal that rocker John Vento & a Pittsburgh club owner ( Ron “Moondog” Esser), and Richard Lynch are the winners of 2020 Communitas Awards of Excellence.

How did they make it to this?

Well, big success is never a story of overnight success. It takes time to get there. So is the situation right here. This has all happened because of their selfless contributions and works with Band Together Pittsburgh and Love Tattoo Foundation, respectively.

What are Communitas winners known for?

Well, if you know little to nothing about it, I’ll be helping you through it. The winners of the Communitas awards are always recognized for some special programs. These could be volunteerism and philanthropy, as well as ethical and sustainable business practices.

Eternal contributions as Band Together Pittsburgh :

The organization known as “Band Together Pittsburgh” has always been into rehabilitation and volunteering, if we take a look at their history. They have been known for working in initiative programs and experiences. Other than that, they’ve also worked for making vocational opportunities available, to enhance the lives of people on the autism spectrum.

In this regard, the programs include some professional and skillful DJ services, all by the people on the Autism spectrum, drum circles, open mic events, etc.

Love Tattoo Foundation:

Moving towards the Love Tattoo Foundation, we come to know that this foundation was known for its eternal work in honoring and assisting those American Veterans, who had some physical and/or mental scars from serving their beloved country.

What Are Love Tattoo’s Goals?

The foundation aims to provide these Veterans with the opportunities they probably have missed in the struggle of serving their country. This is all done by a small effort of raising money and spreading awareness among people. It is surprisingly amazing to know that Richard lynch has raised over $150,000 for these Veterans, by performing in his concerts at his Keepin’ It Country Farm.

About Communitas Awards:

Well, the Communitas Awards originated in 2010, and the name comes from the Latin word meaning “coming together for the good of a community”. The programs turn out to be an outgrowth of the pro bono recognition program of the association of marketing and communication professionals. It honors creative achievement and partnerships with charities and some community organizations.

Band together Pittsburgh :

Band together Pittsburgh, founded in 2016, is known to be a non-profit charity organization. Created by (i) John Vento, who is lead singer of the Nied’s Hotel Band and a solo artist & (ii) Ron Moondog Esser, who is the owner of Moondog’s, as well as the Starlite Lounge in Blawnox, PA. John Vento has also been known as a Top -20 iTunes charting Solo artist, as well as an International Music And Entertainment Association Awards Winner. He has been seen in Billboard Magazine too.

His career already has contributed a lot in raising charities… more than a quarter of a million dollars! The most humble, generous and hard-working man, who loves to share his experiences with the people on the autism spectrum.