Confidence is about being sure of who you are, what value you bring to the table, and being able to really show that. It’s about being who you are, who you really are, and being happy with that person, and not afraid to show that person off, and not caring what people think.

Confidence in yourself is about being happy with who you are as a person, a partner, a friend, and someone’s family member. Personal confidence is so important in love and life, and in being a good sister, friend, or partner.

I want to talk to you about something that’s really important to me: confidence in business, which is just as important as personal confidence!

As a coach, especially an entrepreneur, being confident is incredibly important to selling myself and my services, and the people I most want to work with and have in my life are extremely confident and aren’t afraid to talk about their skills and their process. My confidence shows people that I really believe in what I do and my talents, and in my ability to help and support them on their journey. My confidence is what allows me to make promises regarding my PP results for my ladies.

I recently spoke with this young public relations expert, and we were just chatting, and she was so excited to talk about her PR process and why it works, and how she is extraordinarily good at it. Talking to her legitimately made me excited to work with her. I’m sitting here listening to her talk about her three steps for great PR and how she recently got a client on TV, and all I could think of was “where do I send the check?!”

This girl was so certain of her skills and the people she surrounded herself with, that I found myself wanting to be one of them. True confidence isn’t arrogance, it’s believing in yourself and your abilities.

My parents were older, in their 40s, when they had me, and I have a great relationship with them. I am extremely lucky that they instilled a sense of confidence in me, really honestly believing that I could do and achieve anything if I tried hard enough. I was never the best student in school, but I certainly wasn’t dumb, and I am very resourceful and bright. Being confident in myself has really been an overriding theme on my path of entrepreneurship.

We show others that we are confident by speaking clearly and slowly, using deliberate word choices that are powerful and evoke emotion. Speaking in a way that does not plow through a conversation or talk over others, but is engaging and respectful. Body language is a big part of confidence, making eye contact, keeping your head up, not crossing your arms. Engaging others by asking questions and making sure conversations go both ways, and just giving yourself permission to say “This is what I’m really good at, this is what I love to do.”

When someone is a good fit and I think we will work well together and really accomplish something important, I am very open. I literally just tell them, “I want to work with you, we are going to rock this!” Vibing with another person and seeing their spirituality reaching out, I just put it all out there.

In terms of confidence in your business, you must be able to sell yourself and your work. Many people are afraid of sales, and I hear so many people say “I can’t sell myself.” I started in sales when I was just 16 years old, and as anyone could tell you, I love talking and I love people. Being in sales is a natural fit for me. I love meeting and chatting with new people, and I’m always curious about them. I love to hear their stories!

Sales and marketing is a large part of entrepreneurship. A lot of times when someone refers to the “hustle” or the “grind” of owning their own business, they are talking about sales and marketing. Getting out there and selling themselves and their services to other people. Explaining how they can help, support, and nurture their growth, and trying to get new clients to trust them. This is where confidence really comes into play in the most definitive way.

This might sound crazy, but I spent about $30k in coaching and training in 2016. I believe in investing in myself and always learning and growing and getting better. I know that I will get immeasurable returns on that investment, and I will also be passing those new skills onto my own clients! Being willing to invest in myself, knowing I will see a return on that, is more confidence.

I’m able to make promises to my amazing clients about them accomplishing their goals because I truly 100% believe in my Prosperity Possy process. If you do what I tell you to, using the tools and the mindset and the strategies that I give you, I know without a doubt that you’ll accomplish your goals. I am able to make that promise because I have absolute conviction in what I’m doing and that it works.

I’ve had a few people over the last four years not accomplish their goals, and in every single case, the client had failed to follow through on what they needed to be doing. I have never had a single person tell me that my process didn’t work for them, or ask for a refund.

Dare to be confident. Practice it whenever you can. Being an entrepreneur means you must be able to sell yourself, and confidence is the best sales tool.

To reiterate, here are some of the best steps to show you’re confident:

  • Speak clearly and slowly
  • Use deliberate word choices that are powerful and evoke emotion.
  • Speak in a way that does not plow through a conversation or talk over others, but is engaging and respectful.
  • Body language: make eye contact, keep your head up, shoulders back, don’t cross your arms.
  • Engage others by asking questions and making sure conversations go both ways.
  • Give yourself permission to say “This is what I’m really good at, this is what I love to do.”

Allow yourself to tell people that you’re really good at your job, that your process really works, and that you’re the right person to work with them. Give yourself permission to see, recognize, and talk about how awesome you are. You are amazing and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish!

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Guest Post by Jolie Dawn.

Jolie Dawn is a rockstar entrepreneur, who spends her days helping other women build and monetize their businesses. Jolie is a life and business coach, and has a new business accelerator course starting in February. Find additional information here about her next Prosperity Possy course, and see results of other women who have been through it.

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