Not only us as individuals but all sorts of business entities existing worldwide. Because as the statistics suggest that the cost of pollution and other destruction to the natural environment done by the world’s leading businesses would eradicate more than one-third of their earnings if they were held financially responsible.

Coming towards what pollution is and the major types of pollutants corrupting our environment. Pollution is basically the introduction of harmful materials to our environment including everything from land water and air, which can potentially damage them in the long term. Different sorts of pollutants that are causing permanent damages to our environment include:

  • Air Pollution: This includes contamination of air with hazardous smoke particles and gasses. Examples can be fossil fuels, exhausted fumes from factories or vehicles, nuclear and radioactive accidents etc.
  • Land Pollution: This is caused by improper disposal of different waste materials. This can include littering of waste like oil, plastic, domestic waste, contaminated water, chemicals etc. on undesignated locations. Garbage pollution is one of the most common issues worldwide which is caused by the mishandling of all sorts of solid waste produced due to human activities which contributes majorly in polluting the lands worldwide.
  • Water Pollution: Improper disposal of waste like plastics, chemicals, industrial waste, domestic waste or even the littering done by visitors on the beach etc. when thrown into the oceans and water causes water pollution worldwide. This is causing great damage to marine environment.

Measures Both Businesses And Individuals Need To Take To Save Environment:

Not only us as individuals are the reason behind this pollution but also the big businesses worldwide contribute majorly towards damaging the environment.

They use all sorts of natural resources the world has to offer like water land, minerals, trees etc. and in return they carelessly dump their industrial waste into the oceans or onto lands contributing majorly towards damaging the environment and causing crisis like global warming, drought and famine etc.

In this article we have put forward a list of basic guidelines that both businesses can include in their business ethics and individuals can follow in order to contribute towards a cleaner and greener environment:

Recycle: Instead of throwing away different materials that can be used again after recycling should definitely be used again instead of being thrown into our landfills to pollute our environment. This should be followed by businesses as well like beverage companies recycling their bottles to be used again can greatly impact the amount of waste.

Say No to Plastic! Plastic is one of the biggest contributor that is damaging our environment as it can take up to a thousand years to decompose naturally. Imagine how much plastic waste we are producing every day and the amount of time it will take to break down. A few steps we can take to reduce plastic include:

Use reusable environmental friendly bags instead of plastic bags.

Instead of buying water in plastic bottles for daily consumption at home or at offices we can use water filter pitchers in our daily life practices. Both economic and environmental friendly.

Avoid using straws for drinks that are used only once and then thrown away instead we can use reusable straws that we can carry along.

Using other materials like jute bags, paper etc. for packaging rather than plastic.

Gases and fumes: Different fumes emitted from our cars, machines and factories are damaging the environment greatly. We should try and use public transport more as compared to individual cars to reduce this pollution, factories and industries should follow all types of measures to reduce the emission of harmful gasses and build their factories well away from residential areas.

Avoid littering: Be it on roads, near your house, or even the ocean. Please avoid littering, instead throw your garbage in the dustbins, it’s not that hard but can greatly impact your environment. Businesses should dispose of their waste properly as well instead of throwing it in landfills or oceans.

Plant more trees: Trees can actually save us from these poisonous exhausts, as trees contribute in maintaining the air quality by emitting oxygen. Businesses too should contribute a part of their profits towards planting trees as a part of their business ethics on maintaining a green environment.

Save and use alternative sources of energy as it depletes our natural resources.