Despite the ups and downs we face in life, one thing we can try to be consistent in is maintaining the positive attitude of it all. Basketball player and actor Roman Perez is a living testament of following through with every circumstance that life has to offer.

Coming from New York city can be a challenge for many. Dreams and goals are present, but the influence of the culture can dictate the fate of ones destiny. Growing up for Roman it wasn’t easy. Not always standing out amongst his peers because of lack of skills for the game of basketball. This only helped him maintain the focus to work hard on his craft on the scenes and away from them.

His passion to be basketball player were of high expectations for him, but off the court his love also grew in music and acting. The explanation he gives for his success is that it’s not how you start, its how you finish and continue to push forward. Also adds that when doors are constantly being knocked, all it takes for one door to open for the others to follow.

Currently Perez is a basketball player for the world known Court Kingz team, and is still pursuing his acting and music career. Also, the founder of the Dudo Baez foundation which helps many through the sport on and off the court in USA and the Dominican Republic. Maintaining his faith and continuation of countless hours of hard work and love for all that he does.