After suffering a severely burned skin that affected his face down to his neck, Ronnie Mitchell lost all his self-confidence. For years, he struggled to heal and restore his skin to normal, but no esthetician nor skin clinic in the country gave him the results he was looking for. Little did he know that he, himself, would find the answer for his skin problem. Today, in a mission to help others suffering what he has been through, he shares his holy grail to the world through the brand he created: R Skin Matters Inc. 

R Skin Matters Inc. was established from a place of pain. Its founder Ronnie Mitchell was in the acting and modeling industry where beauty and image weighed heavily. But in an unfortunate turn of events, he found himself severely burned from a laser hair removal machine in 2001. On his second to the last session, the machine malfunctioned, which burned the skin under his eye down to his face, under his chin, and down to his neck. Devastated and with zero self-confidence, he struggled to find something or someone that could bring his skin back to normal. 

Ronnie spent months in the burn center of Torrance, CA, to get the burns treated, but the healing took years. He faced weird looks and curious questions from others who were curious about the half-moon-shaped burns all over his face and neck. He spent eight years wearing the burns until he found a game-changer for his skin: EMU oil. From healing his scars to rejuvenating his skin, he finally found the solution, which completely gave him back his self-confidence. This was the beginning of R Skin Matters Inc.

With tons of people asking Ronnie for help with their skin issues, he took the time to educate himself more about the skin and became a certified professional esthetician. Eventually, he opened Los Angeles Oils and Butters, where he provides natural skin care products he curated and healthier beauty routines.

R Skin Matters Inc. and Los Angeles Oils and Butters prides itself on organic and chemical-free ingredients suitable for all skin types for both men and women. Using his knowledge as a certified esthetician, Ronnie ensures that his products are science-based with no adverse side effects.

Today, the rising black-owned business has gained the trust of many people suffering from self-esteem issues due to chronic or acute skin problems. Indeed, Ronnie is successfully making a mark in the beauty and lifestyle industry. From acne, eczema, hyperpigmentation, hair bumps, uneven complexion, and many other problems, Ronnie is ready to help them in any way he can through R Skin Matters Inc. 

With a real story of his own, Ronnie serves as an inspiration for many who feel hopeless and conscious of the skin they are in. The leading licensed esthetician continues to use his brand Los Angeles oils and Butters to promote cleaner and more organic ways to attain healthier and better skin while radiating confidence and self-love from within. 

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